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Search Engine Optimization Proposal

SEO, Local SEO, Google AdWords, and WordPress

Cleint Initial Onboarding, Site Review & SEO Strategy Development 
1. Discuss goals, demographic, competitors, etc. Will need site access to Google Analytics, Webmaster Console, or I can set-up. It is also best to grant me access to your website so I can see SEO behind the scenes.

Initial SEO Task List

  • Develop A Plan To Increase The Site’s Overall SEO. Make Suggestions To Improve Website For Google.
  • Create Local SEO Links In Local Citation Directories Such As Yellow Pages, SuperPages, Etc. I Use A Submission Service That Costs $65 To Get You In The Best 7-8 Best Google Friendly Directories.
  • Improve Reviews In Google My Business. Get As Many Positive Reviews There From Good Clients As Possible.
  • Examine Social Marketing With Social Networks Such As Facebook.
  • Develop Strong Website Authority & Link Building Strategies.
  • Determine If Site Is Mobile-Friendly, Is It Viewable On A Phone.
  • Improve Site Speed, If Needed.
  • Submit Sitemap To Google, If Needed.
  • Perform Google “Fetch & Render” to Force Google To Rank Your Page.
  • Spider Site To Determine Any Duplicate Content Or 404 Broken Link Errors.
  • Ensure Images Have Alt-Text And Are Compressed For Speed.
  • Examine Behind The Scenes SEO Meta Titles & Descriptions. Very Important.
  • Determine If Proper Headers Are Implemented Into Content For Best SEO. Very Important.


SEO Onsite Optimization 

2. Next Is Optimizing Onsite SEO Of Website.
  • Suggest & Implement Overall Onsite SEO Improvements.
  • Determine Best Local Keywords To Rank In Google For.
  • Run SEO Audit & Speed Reports To Check For Issues.
  • Continuous Reporting.

Off-Site Optimization 

3. Once a site is optimized, it is time to re-review your internet presence.
  • Delivery SEO Audit & Site Speed Reports.
  • Implement Social Network Content Strategy.
  • Ensure High Priority On-Site Issues Are Resolved.
  • Review Onsite SEO & Implement Improvements.
  • Review Landing Page Optimization Strategy. 
  • Implement Social Media Scheduling.
  • Offer Additional SEO Tactics Based On Results.
  • Use SEO Tools To Spy On Competition To See What works For Them.
  • Continous Reporting.

Optional SEO Maintenance and Updates 

 4. Once a foundation on which to build up your SEO is laid, your website’s authority with Google should increase in 1-2 months and your traffic should increase. The strategy then needs monitoring.
  • Monitor and Fine-Tune Onsite SEO.
  • Continue Executing Website Authority & Link Building.
  • Continue Executing Social Media Strategy & Scheduling.
  • Continuous Updates & Reporting.
  • Answer Any Questions And Be On Call.
  • Google SEO Ranking Reports For Keywords.


Optional Google AdWords Set-Up

  • Certified Google AdWords Professional.
  • Can Implement AdWords If You Choose.
I have over 13 years experience with Google Ranking and Google AdWords.
I work on a ten-hour basis for at an hourly rate of $50. 
Initial retainer payment is due up front. 
You will be sent email reports every step of the way and be notified when the retainer has elapsed and next retainer is due if you like my work and reporting and decide to keep going. 
Payment may be made via PayPal or check.
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