SEO & Google Ads Freelance Consultant 2023

SEO & Google Ads Certified Consultant

17+ Years of Digital Marketing Experience

Bob Stein | Digital Marketing Consultant | Glastonbury, CT

(860) 659-7135

I have over 17 Years of SEO & PPC Experience & have provided digital marketing services to many businesses.  I have digital marketing skills and expertise with technical and marketing knowledge of SEO, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and WordPress.

I am certified in Google Ads and Google Analytics. I have the expertise and knowledge of best practices and other techniques that assist businesses in achieving their marketing growth and profitability goals.

I develop digital marketing strategies that are customized, creative, innovative, and proven and advise on the essential tools needed to be competitive in the digital marketplace.



SEM and Internet Marketing Skills

15 years of Digital Marketing experience.
Develop SEO strategies for higher Google rankings.
Manage Google AdWords accounts & certified by Google.
Google Analytics Certified.
Keyword & competitor research.
Increase WordPress website speed.
Technical SEO audits.



SEO Consulting Service

Perform SEO audits and fix errors.
Optimize and increase WordPress website speed.
Research keywords and competitors.
Google keyword position tracking.
Use pro SEO tools.
Local SEO.
On-site SEO including META Titles, internal linking and HTML headers.
SCHEMA & JSON markup.



Google Ads Consulting

Manage and optimize Google Ads accounts.
Report KPI metrics including conversions, cost per conversion, and click through rate.
Perform competitor analysis and keyword research.
Create ad copy and improve ads.
Utilize re-marketing, audiences, and demographic options.
Optimization of campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords.
Track conversions, cost per conversion, cost per click, and quality scores.


SEO Optimization


I have used WordPress and optimized for SEO and speed. I create internal links on site. Add META data, SCHEMA, and rich snippets. Format HTML headers properly. Compress images and add alt-text. Conduct technical site audits and correct errors.

I love to research keyword and competitors to find keywords with high average monthly search volume and high cost-per-click. I use selected keywords, synonyms, and long-tail variations throughout the website. I add them to anchor text in internal links, short URLs, META data, headers, bold, italics, alt-texts and elsewhere.

I create external links using usually 3 methods. Local SEO has excellent ROI so I use local citation directory links for my clients. I use SEMrush and aHrefs to find competitor links. I obtain similar links if a site’s domain authority is acceptable and the link matches their content. I research content my client’s site to feed to social networks to obtain links.

Results using these methods as well as on-site SEO the number of keywords and pages in Google’s index. I create weekly keyword reports and have seen excellent rank gains for highly searched keywords. By learning and performing SEO I have a good methodology.

Create a plan and use professional tools: WordPress, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Yoast SEO, and other products.


Google Certifications