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14 Years of Digital Marketing Experience Using SEO, WordPress & Google AdWords In Connecticut

This initial SEO package consists of the methods and processes that usually works best for my clients in giving their site an initial SEO push.
Feel free to pick and choose what you’d like me to tackle.
I have many skills in other facets of digital marketing. If you do not see what you are looking for please ask.  Contact me by phone or email for additional information. I offer my consulting services for $50/hour with a 10-hour minimum retainer. Pay as you go. You may cancel at any time. No locked-in or long-term agency contract.


Google Certifications and test scores:

Google Ads Fundamentals 87%.
Google Ads Search Advertising 92%.
Google Analytics 90%.
Google Ads Video 85%.
Google Ads Shopping 92%

Google Ads Display 86%.

Connecticut SEO Expert Package

1. Keyword and competitor research with pro tools.
2. Site speed test. Make the site faster.
3. Backup website. 
4. Optimize database.
5. Technical SEO audit.
6. Fix audit errors hurting SEO.
7. Implement SEO methods.
8. Optimize Technical SEO.
9. Perform on-site SEO.
10. Create SCHEMA code.
11. Optimize META Titles Descriptions.
12. Add proper HTML headers.
13. Optimize for Local SEO.
14. Manage and optimize Google Adwords.
15. Data mine Google Analytics. I am Google Analytics Certified.
16. Setup Yoast SEO.
17. Submit sitemap to Google.
18. Track keyword rankings on Google.


Robert Stein’s Digital Marketing Specialist Reviews


Lawrence Ford

“Bob is the man you want to untangle the complicated world of SEO and help you maximize its benefits. He is dedicated and hard working.”

Dyana Ryba

‘Robert is a very kind and patient individual to work with, and possesses great research and analytical skills. He always looked for ways to assist and improve the Ticket Liquidator site as a Sr. Marketing Associate while working at TicketNetwork.“

Bryan Flanaghan

“I have only known Bob for a short period of time, but in that time I was able to learn extensively about affiliate marketing program, how to grow client relationships, and techniques to keep ahead of trending industry news. Bob’s best quality is that he doesn’t specialize in any particular field, but takes his experiences from different sources to learn quickly and find new opportunities. I’d definitely recommend Bob in the future to any employer.“

Ian Hough

“For at least 7 years now, Bob has been the go-to guy for breaking news and comprehensive information on up-and-coming on-sales in the Concerts, Sports and Theater worlds. Bob’s (largely unsung) research provides us with the dates, times, venues and – most importantly – accurate projections on exactly which events will sell out fastest, which will be the most popular venues, etc. He knows the industry inside out and is a valuable presence in any marketing meeting.“

Michael Merritt

“Bob always has a finger on the pulse of the live entertainment industry, and additionally has an excellent eye for which opportunities are most important. He is able to succinctly and clearly report these findings multiple times per week.“

Christopher Hamel

“Bob has always done a terrific job in providing both quantitative and qualitative analyses of an extremely demanding industry (event ticket sales, including the secondary market) enabling us to optimize our customer service/sales operations. Given the often narrow window and dynamic nature of the secondary market in particular, Bob’s ability to give both proactive and reactive insight ensures that we are in the best position possible to take advantage of all market opportunities.“

Natalie Carpenter

“Robert is an information guru who is constantly on task and able to analyze data and trends in a cohesive fashion. It has always been a pleasure to work with him.“

Steve Steinfeldt

“I have worked with Bob for almost nine years and he has always done a great job.

Jules West

“I have worked with Robert or Bob as we know him here at TN since I started with the company four years ago. He is an invaluable source for those of us in Business Development and Management roles. As a market analyst Bob not only researches and analyzes our industry on the micro level but then interprets that information into macro overviews and forecast of what who it is we will be selling next. It’s myjob to prepare my clients as best I can for the seasonable sales cycles of this industry and like any seasonable industry each season brings with it new waves of unexpected change and challenges. It is essential that our internal and external digital marketers are kept abreast as to what is trending in order to prepare their business plans for these changes. Bob’s role is to keep a pulse on those waves as they roll in. Without the information that Bob provides it would be nearly impossible for our client’s to forecast their budgets or to strategically market.There is no way I could gather, compare and analyze the market data faster, better or more thoroughly than Bob. If I send his reports even ten minutes later than normal on Monday, I hear from my clients. It’s more than a full-time job which sometimes means Bob is working all hours of the day. Bob is always available and I trust his work as it has proven to be impeccably accurate, something I as an admitted perfectionist. With Bob’s insights drawn for us, we are given the power to make better business decisions. We are eternally indebted to Bob for his exhaustive lists, projections, updates and detail that we need to keep this machine that is the private label digital Bob sets the bar high for what is involved in being a Senior Analyst.”

I have over 14 years of experience with SEO and Google AdWords. I work on a ten-hour basis for at an hourly rate of $50. An initial 10-hour retainer is required. 


SEO Services Connecticut – $50/Hour

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