Certified Google AdWords Manager & SEO Expert In Connecticut

Google AdWords & SEO Consultant

Google AdWords manager, local SEO expert, Google Analytics Certified, and WordPress specialist for over 14 years. 

Google AdWords Manager Services

  • Certified Google AdWords manager
  • Daily optimizations of Conversions, Cost Per Conversion, Conversion Rate and Cost Per Click
  • Implement new features
  • Create ad copy and improve ad text
  • Implement remarketing

SEO Knowledge, Skills, And Expertise

  • Because local SEO has the highest ROI, I specialize in local SEO (Google My Business optimizations, Google’s Top 3 Local Map Pack placements, & Google Maps placements).
  • I have expert knowledge of organic SEO, on-site technical SEO, and WordPress SEO & site speed. I am a professional at conducting technical SEO audits, creating internal links, adding metadata (Titles, Header, and Descriptions), improving Google Page Speed scores, performing keyword and competitor research to find keywords driving traffic to your website.


Connecticut SEO Experts provides Google AdWords  Management & SEO consulting services charging $50/hour with an initial 10-hour retainer. No “agency-style” contracts to lock you in long term. Pay as you go.




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Best SEO Tools With Free Trial Periods

SEO Competitive Intelligence Tools To Gain Competitive Edge In Google.

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SEO & Google AdWords Certified Freelancer

I provide SEO services, Google AdWords management & optimization, and WordPress services as a freelance consultant mostly to small businesses.

I have 13 years of experience using SEO, AdWords, and WordPress. I also use Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

SEO & AdWords Consultant CT

SEO Expert Consultant | [Google Infographics]

SEO infographics were my first exposure to the medium and really boosted my skill set and SEO knowledge. There are 100’s of thousands covering the SEM industry and they really took off because it was (and probably still) is a great method of obtaining backlinks to your website.

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20 Local SEO Tips: Rank In Google’s Top 3 Local Map Pack

While implementing these local SEO tips keep in mind that 46% of Google’s searches are considered local queries while 65% of Google searches come via a mobile phone.

WordPress SEO Infographics

Free WordPress SEO & Speed-Up Tips & Tricks [Infographics]

After months of alerting webmasters, Google rolled out a “Speed Update” to its core algorithm in July 2018. Google doesn’t give you credit for a fast WordPress site but punishes slower sites in its rankings.



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