Digital Marketing, Google Ads & SEO Services CT

    • 14 years of digital marketing, SEO, & PPC industry experience.

    • Use my SEO services for higher Google organic and local SEO ranking.

  • Minimum ten-hours requirement. You are free to cancel anytime. No long-term contract.

SEO Services

    • Keyword & competitor research.

    • Perform SEO audit and fix errors.

    • Add META Titles, Descriptions, and HTML headers.

    • Create SCHEMA code.

Google AdWords Services

    • Create ad copy and improve ad call-to-action.

    • Discover re-marketing, audiences, and demographic opportunities.

    • Track conversions, cost per conversion, cost per click, and quality scores.

WordPress SEO Services

    • I have used WordPress for 14 years.

    • Created over 75 WordPress websites.

    • Very skilled at speeding up WordPress websites and improving Google page scores.  

Connecticut SEO Services

Connecticut SEO & AdWords Services

$50/HOUR. 10-Hour Minimum Retainer.

Contact Bob at 860.659.7135 or


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