SEO To Rank High On Google Fast

SEO Tips To Improve Organic Google Rank

Google Ads & Analytics Certified Consultant


  • Perform a technical SEO audit. Fix warnings and errors that may leak SEO.


  • Research & analyze competitor keywords. Place keywords throughout your content and bold, italicize, and as anchor text.


  • Add keywords to META titles and descriptions, HTML headers, URLs, internal links, and content. Update content to have at least 1,000 characters. Satisfy the user’s query fully, increase user dwell time.


  • Add internal links, external links, short URLs with keywords made up of LSI, Synonyms, long-tail keywords, and geo-targeted keywords. Keep adding new content to already created pages and posts. Google loves long fresh and updated content.


  • Investigate Google Analytics and Google Search Console’s keyword, page, user location, impressions, clicks, and average position on Google to create content based upon keywords that have the first-page opportunity.



  • Run website speed reports using GTMetrixor Pingdom. If out Google Page Speed Score is low GTMetrix will explain the fixes you need to score higher and deliver your pages faster. You should install a caching system such as WP-Rocket to serve cached copies of your pages to visitors. WP-Rocket also includes the minification of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.



  • Target current pages and keywords that rank at positions 8-15 in Google. If the average monthly search volume and cost per click make those keywords valuable, update, and add to your content. Create internal anchor text links to the page and they’ll be to rank higher.


  • Use professional SEO tools.


  • I should write content for a moderate 6th-8th-grade reading level with screenshots, graphics, videos, and photos. 1000-1200 words.


  • Use an XML sitemap and submit to Google.


  • Add Google-recommended SCHEMA & JSON-LD mark-up code used to better classify your content and enable Google to understand and rank your content better.


  • Create incoming links using various methods including adding a client’s site to local citation directories to assist local SEO. Optimizing the client’s Google My Business page is also a necessity. 


  • For SEO & Certified Google Ads Consulting I charge $60/hour With An Initial 20-Hour Retainer. I do not use “agency style” long-term or locked-in contracts. You may pause the project and restart.


For consulting, contact Bob at 860.659.7135, email or fill out his form.