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13 Years Of Digital Marketing Experience


I have a methodology for new client SEO services management to expedite SEO. Modified to fit a new client’s specific SEO history and industry. Communicates how we are improving a client’s SEO.


SEO Tips To Rank Fast

  • Perform A Technical SEO Audit. Resolve SEO-leaking errors.


  • Research & Analyze Competitor Keywords. Place keywords throughout your content and bold, italicize and as anchor text.


  • Add keywords to META titles and descriptions, HTML headers, URLs, internal links, and content. Update content to have at least 1,000 characters. Satisfy the user’s query fully, increase user dwell time, add internal links, external links, short URLs with keywords made up of LSI, Synonyms, long-tail keywords, and geo-targeted keywords.





  • Target current ranking pages and keywords ranked between 7-14 if the search volume and avg CPC is good.


  • The website must be mobile-friendly.


  • Content should be written at for a moderate grade level with screenshots, graphics, videos, and photos. 1000 word minimum.


  • Use an XML sitemap (Yoast SEO).


  • SCHEMA on the backend to better classify your content for Google.


  • Sign-up for SEO pro-tool free trials at MOZ, Accuranker, Raven Tools, and Majestic.


  • Limit no-follow links.


  • Obtain incoming links from authority domains.


  • Obtain local citation directory citation links for local SEO.


  • Create a Google My Business page.


Affordable SEO & AdWords $50/HOUR. 10-Hour Minimum Retainer.

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