SEO Specialist & Google AdWords Consultant Connecticut


SEO, AdWords, And WordPress Freelancer In Connecticut

Experienced Digital Marketing Consultant With 13 Years Of Industry Experience


I have been a Google AdWords expert and SEO specialist for over a decade.  I provide excellent skills and service to many businesses across the US.


Google AdWords Account Manager Responsibilities

  • Optimize and manage Google Adwords campaigns
  • Monitor statistics and key performance indicators
  • Monitor and report on campaigns
  • Analysis & optimization of all aspects of accounts
  • Competitor and keyword research
  • Create text ad copy and consistently improve ad text call to actions
  • Seek out remarketing, similar audiences, ad demographic opportunities
  • Analysis & Optimization of campaigns, ad groups. ads, and keywords based on conversions, cost per conversion, cost per click, CTR, quality score, and other KPI’s
  • Test and track landing page optimization
  • Google recently rebranded Google AdWords as Google Ads

Digital Marketing Skills

  • Over 13 years Internet marketing experience beginning in 2004 with a start-up ticket resell business.
  • Manage Google AdWords campaigns.
  • Certified in Google AdWords.
  • Develop SEO strategies and implement them.
  • Research Google Analytics data.
  • Provide keyword & competitor research.
  • Improve WordPress website speed.
  • Perform technical SEO audits.
  • Distribute content to social media networks.
  • Prior to entering the AdWords and SEO/SEM industries, I ran a very successful eBay business.
  • My degree is in marketing.


SEO Knowledge, Skills, And Experience

I have used WordPress for 13 years. Have created about 100 websites. I’m very skilled using Yoast SEO and optimizing WordPress SEO. 90% of my customers use WordPress. I create internal first and external links further down. Add META information, SCHEMA, and rich snippets. Use headers properly. Optimize WordPress for page speed. Compress photos and graphics and add alt-text. I install backup, database, and security plugins. Ensure my customers use a mobile-friendly theme. Perform technical site audits and work hard to resolve errors.
When I first take on a client I perform keyword and competitor research using SEMrush and one or two other keyword-focused sites. I find keywords with a healthy average monthly volume of searches and mid to high cost-per-click. I gauge the current rank of my client and discover competitiveness.
I use the chosen keywords, synonyms, and long-tail variations through-out the website. They are used for anchor text in internal links, short URLs, META data, headers, bolding, italics, alt-texts and elsewhere.
I create external links using usually 4 methods. Local SEO has excellent ROI so I use local citation directory links for my clients. I use SEMrush and aHrefs to find competitor links.  I obtain similar links if a site’s domain authority is acceptable and the link would fit with their content. I seek out posts o my client’s site that may have traffic or excellent content to feed to social networks to obtain additional links.
Another method I use gingerly is guest posting. I target websites with high domain authority, contact the webmaster, negotiate, and request a client create a rough draft of a post. I format for SEO. Ensure enough content, visuals, links to respected authorities and a bio with a link to my client’s site.
Results using these methods as well as on-site SEO the number of keywords and pages in Google’s index. I create weekly keyword reports and have seen excellent rank gains for highly searched keywords. By learning and performing SEO I have a good methodology.

By following my roadmap and using the right products: WordPress, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Yoast SEO, and other sites I have gained many clients via referrals. I charge an affordable hourly rate. I ease clients into SEO with a minimal ten-hour commitment. I set realistic expectations, report to my customer’s improvements I’ve made and most of the time I am retained to continue.

Connecticut SEO Experts provides Google AdWords Account Mangement & SEO consulting services on a retainer basis. I work on ten-hours retainers at an affordable rate of $60/hour.