SEO for Google | Freelance Consultant Connecticut

Local SEO will enhance the ranking of your business in local search results pages.


Enabling customers to locate you quickly and efficiently.


    • Targeted Traffic: Local SEO attracts customers within your area, ensuring the traffic is more relevant and specific to your location.


    • Cost-Efficient: In comparison with the advertising methods of years past, local SEO is more cost-effective and delivers a higher ROI.


    • Competitive Edge: Many small businesses overlook local SEO. This opportunity allows you to surpass your  competitors in local search rankings.


    • Credibility: The inclusion of your business in local search results adds credibility and trust among local consumers.


    • Local Reviews: The number of positive local reviews as well as the number of reviews responded to.


    • Google Maps: Prominence of placements on Google Maps.



I’m Bob Stein and I am a Google Ads & SEO freelance consultant with 20 years of experience.

Please email or phone (860) 659-7135 to discuss any digital marketing needs you have.