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Local SEO Service Provider In Connecticut

In 2019, local SEO has become a major opportunity for small businesses to be prominent on Google. Google has implemented Top 3 Map Pack” shown on the 1st page of Google’s results that showcase local businesses.

These top 3 organic spots are where every local business wants to be.  The top 3 map pack get more clicks, phone calls, website clicks, and customers than the organic rankings.

Many searchers using their mobile phone do not scroll past the top 3 pack map. Why would they? The searcher sees reviews, phone number, web site, and Google Map links. So, why aren’t you there?  Because most likely you haven’t gotten an expert local SEO service provider. It isn’t something that magically appears but there are expert methods to getting your business ranked high enough to appear in the map pack.

Local SEO Service Package

To get ranked on maps and page one for your service locally, you will need a local SEO service to help.  This is something very important that you do not want to do on your own. Just like that, an affordable skilled professional local SEO expert will get better results.  With better rankings, you get more phone calls, clicks, exposure, and income. And, isn’t that really what this is all about?

It is not always a quick, fast, and easy fix.  It is a long term investment to keep your rankings, increase your search visibility, and get more phone calls coming in.


Local SEO: The Solution For Small Business

If you buy ads on Google AdWords and Facebook to get leads, you know how costly it can be.  And, if you quit paying, the leads stop coming. With local SEO services, there is less cost and more ROI. And, the rankings last longer than an ad.

Local SEO Specialist For Small Businesses

I am a local SEO expert as well as getting a website into the top 3 map pack. This will allow you to do the service you have to offer and not worry about where the next lead comes from.  The leads are local, organic, and hot. If a searcher is using a mobile device they are looking for your product or service immediately. People searching for your service will see you ranked high with reviews, your phone number, and a link to your website to call or click.

After all, there are very few people who reach for a phone book these days. And, with that said, there are generations that don’t even know what a phone book is. So, what has taken over those pages?  Google. People look everything up from recipes, restaurants, to whom to call for a reliable plumber.

My goal as a local SEO specialist is to help small businesses rank high for the best and most searched keywords.  Working with my clients I am dedicated to finding low-cost solutions, getting more leads, and generating more income.  Let me work for you.