SEO Consultant Tasks Set-Up For New Clients


Connecticut SEO Experts uses a specific methodology for new client SEO task management. Frequently modified to fit a new client’s specific SEO history and industry. Helps in communicating how we are improving a client’s SEO. I perform these tasks once my SEO proposal is agreed upon.


1. Perform A Technical SEO Audit. Resolve errors.

2. Research & Analyze Competitor Keywords.

4. Datamine Google Analytics Data.

5. Improve the rank of client’s keywords targeting current ranking between 7-14 if volume is good.

6. Add keywords to titles, headers, URLs, internal links, and content.

7. Local SEO for Faster SEO. Obtain Rank in Google’s Top 3 Local Pack.

8. Website Speed Reports. Improve Speed Of Site.

9. Use Yoast SEO.

10. Optimize Google My Business Page.

11. Add SCHEMA & JSON Markup Code.

12. Submit Sitemap To Google.

13. Google Analyticsand Google Search Console Reports.




Affordable hourly rates. No long-term contracts.