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I am a huge advocate of learning with learning with infographics.

Infographics connect with my brain, unlike almost any other learning method.

I discover new infographics that cover a wide variety of different interests of mine almost daily.

SEO infographics were my first exposure to the medium and really help me learn SEO and boosted my SEO knowledge.

There are 100’s of thousands covering the SEM industry and they really took off because it was (and probably still) is a great method of obtaining backlinks to your website.

They can cost quite a bit of money to produce but they are also many DIY infographic-ers who share their knowledge about topics in this manner.

Here are a few that I just discovered recently.

Great help for SEO beginners or reinforcement for industry SEO experts.


SEO Infographics


Reasons Why a Website Doesn’t Get Traffic


SEO In Hour Or Outsource
SEO National
6 SEO Secrets
Effective SEO Secrets
Signs of a Good SEO Company
How SEO Helps Businesses
10 Effective Ways to Boost Organic Traffic
10 Tips for On-page SEO Management


17 SEO eBooks, Checklists And Cheat Sheets From The Experts

Expert SEO eBooks, Checklists and Cheat Sheets For Better Google Rankomg

I’ve been studying SEO for 13 years because I am passionate about SEO and AdWords and I can make a decent living doing something I am very good and absolutely love.

I regularly try to increase my knowledge and skills to provide the best possible SEO service and AdWords management to my clients.

Ebooks and wonderful infographics are in abundance these days because many are created by vendors for traffic, social shares and as lead bait so vendors can get email addresses amd qualified leads for their massive database and CRMs. Email marketing hasn’t gone away by a long shot.

We live in a wonderful era. Here are a few of the best eBooks, checklists and cheat sheets I’ve discovered in only the past 30 days. There is a tremendous amount of actionable advice on improving SEO in these pdfs. Enjoy them, share them and visit the publisher’s websites for addition insights.

I have over 13 years of industry experience developing SEO strategies, managing and optimizing Google AdWords campaigns, using Google Analytics data, doing extensive keyword & competitor research, improving on-site content and links, improving website speed and examining SEO audits for critical errors.

I have real-world experience with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, SpyFu. Screaming Frog Spider and other pro tools.

An almost perfect opportunity to learn new skills, tips, and insight from SEO experts.

Great Advice From SEO Experts

7 Steps To Successful SEO

101 SEO Tips and Tricks

2018 SEO Checklist

Advanced SEO Guide

Best SEO Tricks

Blog SEO Checklists

Guide To SEMRush

Local Business SEO Optimization

Local SEO Checklist

Local SEO Is The New Front Door

Ranking Factors

SEO Cheat Sheet

SEO Checklist SEO Ranking Factors

Top US Citation Directories

SEO Services Presentation

WordPress SEO & Speed Up Freelance Consultant

WordPress SEO Connecticut

WordPress SEO. Rank High In Google.

WordPress Delivers Excellent SEO

  • WordPress SEO is simple. When you build a website with WordPress, you do not have to know any programming language. No knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS or SQL is required. WordPress is easy to learn, set-up, and create content. You can build and launch a professional looking WordPress website in a day or even a few hours. But you’ll need someone to fine tune your website to optimize your WordPress SEO and site speed.
  • In 2018 WordPress turned 15 years old and now has thousands of loyal PHP programmers who have contributed to its development by building sophisticated themes and plugins anyone can install easily and utilize.
  • There are hundreds of thousands of ready-made free and low-cost WordPress plugins and themes that perform very great functions to make your website look professional and bring you more traffic.
  • With WordPress, you can launch a fast-loading and mobile- website from day one. There are plugins designed to help you compress images, minify code, cache files, compress images and create speed enhancements.
  • The speed of a website is a strong ranking signal for Google. Users do not like slow websites.  A fast site is great for the user experience, mobile device users, and SEO. Google launched a “Speed Update” in July 2018 that punishes slow sites. Google has analyzed the data and knows users stay longer on websites that load fast.
  • WordPress is made for mobile themes and easy to make mobile-friendly. Google has rolled out a “mobile-first” update because 65% of searches come from mobile phones.
  • With knowledge and skills, WordPress SEO is do-able, but it takes some time. WordPress was built from the ground-up to be an SEO friendly site.  With plugins like Yoast SEO to enhance the technical search engine optimization capabilities of WordPress, you can finally rank high in Google.
  • WordPress is used by over 70,000 websites including large websites like The New York Times and Huffington Post. WordPress sites can do almost anything.
  • Best of all WordPress is free.

Phone or email me to discuss more about WordPress.


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Best SEO Professional Suites, Advanced Tool And Free Trials

Connecticut SEO Company

SEO Pro Tools For Audits, Rank Tracking, And Research

Industry Websites With Advanced Features And Free Trials

SEO Tools that come in handy in determining where your competitors are getting their organic ranking, paid traffic and off-site links from.

Many have Technical SEO Audit Functions & other neat tools. Determine which keywords competitors are focusing on and volume and cost.

Most of the SEO tools these are expensive professional paid tools with free trials or a limited number of free tools.

Many also have tiered plans based on usage.

Breeze through these SEO tools and find one or two that will meet your needs.

Advanced Web Ranking



Great For Finding Links





Great For Influencer Marketing







Old Reliable MOZ


Majestic SEO



(My Favorite and Most-Used SEO and PPC Tool)





Excellent Google Ads Competitor Tool






Cognitive SEO


SEO Profiler



Awesome Google Ads Tools


Raven Tools


Screaming Frog Spider


Deep Crawl






Over 13 years of SEM industry experience with SEO, WordPress & Google AdWords


Bob Stein, Consultant
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I call this my SEO package because it is the method and process that works best for my clients. Feel free to pick and choose what you’d like me to tackle. I have many skills in other facets of search engine marketing. If you do not see what you are looking for then please ask.  Contact me by phone or email bobstein@gmail.com for additional information. I offer my consulting services for $60/hour with a 10-hour minimum retainer. You may cancel at any time.

SEO Package

1. Keyword and competitor research with pro tools.
2. Site speed test.  Make site faster.
3. Backup website.
4. Optimize database.
5. SEO audit.
6. Correct audit errors hurting SEO.
7. Implement my SEO methods.
8. Optimize Technical SEO.
9. Perform on-site SEO.
10. Create SCHEMA code.
11. Optimize META Titles Descriptions.
12. Add proper HTML headers.
13. Optimize for local SEO.
14. Manage and optimize Google Adwords.
15. Data mine Google Analytics.
16. Setup Yoast SEO.
17. Submit sitemap to Google Search Console.
18. Track keyword rankings on Google.