SEO & Google AdWords Freelance Consultant Connecticut

I provide SEO consulting and Google AdWords management and optimization services as a freelance consultant. 13 years of experience in the fields of SEO, Google AdWords, and WordPress. I make extensive use of Google Analytics and Google Search Console data. I use professional SEO tools to conduct keyword and competitor research, and perform extensive technical SEO audits to produce lasting SEO for clients in Connecticut and across the US.

I charge a $60/hour for my freelance consulting services.  I work in 10-hour retainers.  You may cancel at any time. No long-term locked-in contract.

I will meet your needs by using proven techniques of high-quality SEO and Google AdWords management. I have additional skills, experience and knowledge to provide an array of Digital Marketing services.

Extensive use of Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, SEMrush, Ahrefs,  Screaming Frog Spider and other industry tools to solve ranking issues. I use SEO techniques built for the long-term. Websites need to be optimized on-site and off-site to capture search engine traffic.

Google has made significant changes to benefit in local SEO, mobile-first indexing, and ranking high-authority domains higher and also ranking fast websites higher. Google is giving smaller businesses a chance to compete with huge corporations with significant investments in SEO. If a big business sees the value of SEO there must be money to be made. In 2019, you can rank near the top of the 1st page with a much smaller investment than ever before. Never a better time to begin digital marketing.

I have extensive Local SEO experience to deliver the results needed to grow a business. Local SEO begins with a Google My Business page, a moderate number of submissions to mostly free high-authority local directories (such as Yelp!, MapQuest, Yellow Pages, Superpages, and other here), onsite modification to inclue a few local keywords, a page devoted to info and events in your community, and other methods you can rank high in Google’s search engine results in the Google’s top 3 local pack. You can also ibtain healthy traffic from Google Maps.

In 2018 it is estimated 84% of consumers conduct a Google search before making a purchase decision.

Users search more on mobile phones than computers. In 2018 approximately 65% of Google’s searches are from a mobile phone. Google recently rolled out a “mobile-first” index which pushes sites that paint faster and look good on a phone higher up in the results. Makes sense to do that if mobile delivers 65% of your searches,

Mobile users expect a page to completely load in under 3 seconds, So, Google modified its search algorithm with a “speed update” in July of 2018. Websites need to be fast otherwise potential customers will lose patience, abandon your site, go back to Google, and find a competitor. Google tracks all of these analytics. Google penalizes slower sites in its rankings.

WordPress websites must be fast-loading, responsiveadministered (updating of plug-ins, clean out database), have quality content with about 1,000+ words, use LSI-keywords, synonyms, images, and proper META Title and Header formatting. Visitors will stay on your on your website longer when they find the answer to their search. Users will also stay longer if they find answers to questions they hadn’t even realized they had yet. Google does not like it when it’s users visit a page and immediately return due to a slow-loading site or if their search question was not answered on your page. 

I’ve created, SEO-ed, maintained, and improved load time to over 75 WordPress sites and have extensive experience with themes, plug-ins, and security. I know and love WordPress.

SEO Summary

I  ensure that efficient, effective, and ethical techniques are used to improve your SEO and rankings. SEO improvement takes about three months to show higher rankings for more keywords. 

There is no need to invest much in SEO or AdWords consulting.  I charge $60/hour for my services with only a minimum 10-hour retainer. You may cancel at any time after that.

I can help your business in many ways by providing long-lasting SEO and Google AdWords management.

Available via the form below, email at [email protected] or by phone at (860) 659-7135.




• Management of Google AdWords Accounts & Implementation of SEO For 13 Years
• Google Analytics and Google Search Console Analysis Expert
• Keyword & Competitor Research
• Local Citation Directory Listings & Google My Business
• On-Page SEO
• Yoast SEO
• SEO Audits
• Off-Page SEO
• WordPress SEO
• WordPress Speed-Up
• WordPress Administration



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