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As a consultant and adviser, I specialize in SEO, Local SEO, Google Ads Management (Certified), WordPress, Social/Content Marketing, Google Analytics (Certified), and Google My Business (Certified). I Charge $60/Hour And Work In 10-Hour Retainers.  I Use No Agency Style Long-Term And Locked-In Contacts.  You Pay As You Go. 


SEO Proposal

  • Perform a technical SEO audit and fix errors that may be hindering optimal SEO.
    Implement a custom SEO strategy.
  • Perform site speed test and resolve errors slowing your site down and hurting customer experience and SEO. I will also perform a mobile compatibility test.
  • Create a “keyword seed” list to research and create long-tail and LSI keywords (semantically related).
  • Keyword and competitor research with professional tools. I will be able to determine which keywords are driving traffic to your rivals. I will choose keywords to target based on Google Ads cost-per-click, average monthly search volume, and the competitiveness of keywords.
  • On-site SEO. Using the keyword target list create internal anchor links, optimize META titles & descriptions and add headers.
  • Add SCHEMA & JSON-LD markup to the code which gives Google additional data to categorize your site and rank higher.
  • Google Analytics checkup. Review of goals, events, enhanced eCommerce and more. (Can setup if needed)
  • Google Search Console checkup. Review of sitemaps, robots.txt, 404 pages, dead links,inbound links and more. (Can setup if needed)
  • Link building from high-authority trusted domains  Link building from local SEO citation directories. Obtain branded profiles and URLs from social networking sites.
  • Advice on website content including adding industry images (can also be compressed), video, graphics, charts, internal links, external links, blog posts, categories, testimonials, etc. to website. Google likes sites that have fresh or updated pages or posts.
  • Use an SEO plugin which enables easy access to change META titles (very important ranking factor), creates sitemap to submit to Google for more efficient crawling, add META info to tags, categories, archives, and other SEO-friendly functions.
  • Optimize your site for local SEO including implementing Google My Business, Google Maps placement, and obtain local directory citation links (if applicable).
  • Install caching plugin to serve pages faster, minify HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and has additional settings to improve website speed.
  • Install backup and security plugins if needed.
  • Administer your website ensuring all plugins are up to date, make backups, and optimize the database.

How To Begin SEO


  • Logins to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, WordPress, and web host information.
  • Any information about your product or service.
  • Who are your best customers?
  • 2-3 competitor names to perform competitor research.
  • I charge $60/hour. I work on 10-hour retainers. I do not use agency long-term locked-in contracts. You pay as you go.


More time is spent on a website’s SEO at the beginning until the site begins to rank higher in Google for a wider range of keywords.


If you need any additional information, please contact me.