SEO Proposal

Google SEO Proposal

[Connecticut SEO Experts]

Initial On-Boarding & SEO Review

1. Discuss goals, demographic, competitors, etc. Will need site access to Google Analytics, Webmaster Console. Invite me at
Initial SEO Task List
  • Develop Plan To Increase SEO.
  • Develop Website Authority & Link Building Strategies.
  • Ensure Mobile-Friendliness.
  • Submit Sitemap To Google.
  • Perform Google “Fetch & Render” to force Google to index the site.
  • Determine Any Duplicate Content Or 404 errors.
  • Ensure Images Have Alt-Text.
  • Examine Meta Titles & Descriptions.
  • Ensure Proper <H1> & <H2> Headers Are Used.
  • Brainstorm Ideas For SEO.
  • Local SEO Citation Submissions.
  • Continuous Updates & Reporting.

SEO Onsite Optimization 

2. Next Is Optimizing Onsite SEO Of Website.
  • Re-run SEO Audit & Speed Reports To Check For Issues.
  • Suggest & Implement Overall Onsite SEO Improvements.
  • Website Authority & Link Building Strategy
  • Speed-Up Site. 

Off-Site Optimization 

3. Once a site is optimized, it is time to re-review your internet presence.
  • SEO Audit & Site Speed Reports.
  • Ensure High Priority SEO Issues Are Resolved.
  • Landing Page Optimization Strategy
  • Additional SEO Tactics.


SEO Maintenance and Updates 

 4. Once a foundation on which to build up your SEO is laid, your website’s authority with Google should increase and your traffic and user dwell-time should increase while bounce rate should decrease. The strategy then needs monitoring.
  • SEO Technical Audit Reports.
  • Monitor SEO.
  • Site Maintenance, Theme Updates, Plugin Updates, Resolve Errors.
  • On-Call For Issues.

Google Ads

Optional Google AdWords Set-Up

  •  Certified Google AdWords Professional. 
I work on a ten-hour basis for at an hourly rate. Retainer payment is due up front. The client will be notified when the retainer has elapsed and the next ten-hour retainer is due. Payment may be made via PayPal or check. 
Pay as you go. This is not a locked in-contract. The client may cancel at any time. We know once you see the benefits of our services you will want to renew your retainer with us.
Google SEO
Google SEO