Connecticut SEO Expert & Google Ads Consultant

17+ Years Of SEO, Google Ads, Google Analytics & WordPress Experience


17+ years of experience in SEO. Perform SEO audits, resolve errors. Implement on-site, off-site SEO, technical, local, and WordPress SEO. Optimize META Titles, HTML Headers, internal linking, and ALT-text in images. Highly experienced with keyword and competitor research using SEMrush, SpyFu, and others. Improve WordPress Speed Scores and long-time use of Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
Experience with Google Ads set-up, account management, optimizations, extensions, bid strategy, QS, conversion rates and lower cost per conversion. Optimize for QS, position, A/B ad testing, extensions, bid modifications, call tracking, Remarketing, match type, and location & demo targeting. Add keywords based on user queries to account or as negatives. Use SEO and PPC premium tools Moz, SEMrush, Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Screaming Frog Spider, AWR, Raven Tools, Majestic, and other pro tools.

Agencies Use Year Long Contract Which Lock You In Unless You Pay A Large Cancellation Fee. Agencies Do Not Make Money Working On Your Account. They Make Money By Getting More Clients And Hire The Best Sales People.

When I Consult I Do Have No Long-Term And Locked In Contract. I Only Require An Up Front 10-Hour Retainer. You Pay As You Go. $60/Hour. Organic SEO For Google Has Become A Science. There Are Proven Technique That Absolutely Work.

Depending On Previous SEO Efforts It May Take 4-6 Months To Rank Higher For Your Main Keywords As Well As A Broad Range Of Related Long Tail Keywords. So After A Month Or So That It’ll Take Me To Optimize You May To Pause To See The Results Of My Efforts. That Is Just The Way SEO WorGoogle Ads & Local SEO Expert Freelancer CTSEO & Google AdWords ConsultantDigital Marketing Consultant in Connecticut – Affordableks.

I Have Many Clients In NYC, Boston & San Francisco Because Their Local Seo Providers Are Much More Expensive Than Me.




My Current Rate For SEO And Google AdWords Consulting Is $60/Hour With A 10-Hour Minimum Retainer.  No Long Term “Agency-Style” Contract. Pay As You Go. Start And Stop As You Wish. It Works For Me And It Work For You.

Please Fill Out The Form Below, Phone Me @ 860.659.7135 Or Email Bob@Connecticutseoexperts.Com.


SEO Services For Consulting Clients

1. Keyword and competitor research with pro tools.
2. Site speed test. Make the site faster.
3. Backup website.
4. Optimize database.
5. SEO audit.
6. Fix audit errors hurting SEO.
7. Implement SEO methods.
8. Optimize Technical SEO.
9. Perform on-site SEO.
10. Create SCHEMA code.
11. Optimize META Titles, Descriptions.
12. Add proper HTML headers.
13. Optimize for local SEO.
14. If needed manage and optimize Google Ads.
15. Data-mine Google Analytics.
16. Setup Yoast SEO.


SEO Consulting

I use my skills daily and study the latest SEO best practices, algorithm updates, SEO influences, new ideas, news, and keep learning.

For the best rankings, your website should be fast, have SEO audits performed, no technical SEO errors, optimized onsite with META titles, H1 HTML headers, lengthy & authoritative content (at least 900+ words), and offsite SEO building quality backlinks.  Google uses local SEO, mobile-friendliness, and site speed (user experience) to determine local results.

As a professional SEO consultant, my SEO methods produce results in Google’s rankings.   My local SEO techniques use “Google My Business” pages and Google Maps which can get you onto the 1st page of Google.

Searchers expect a web page to come up in 2 seconds. Websites must be fast for the best SEO.  In 2018, Google gets more mobile device searches than desktop searches. About 65 % of Google searches come from a user’s mobile.

Google rewards websites that are fast and are designed with mobile users in mind. In July 2018, Google launched an algorithm update named “Speed Update” which punishes slow sites. In August of 2018 Google unleashed a broad algorithm update the likes of which professional SEO gurus had not seen in a long while. This is not a time to go it alone.