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Digital Marketing Specialist, SEO Expert, and Certified AdWords Freelance Consultant


I am an SEO consultant, Google AdWords manager & optimizer, local SEO experts and WordPress SEO veteran with over 13 years of experience. I’ve created, SEO-ed, maintained, and improved speed on over 75 WordPress sites. I perform SEO audits to will reveal any technical issues that may hurt a website's SEO potential.


I charge $50/hour for my services.  I work in 20-hour retainers. You pay as you go. No long-term contract. You may cancel anytime.


You will save your SEO budget with me because agencies and web developers charge a lot more than me (call them). They will try to lock you into a year-long contract with no option to cancel. You'll talk to a salesperson who does not do the actual work. I do all work for every client and you can reach me at virtually any time.


I use proven techniques, advanced & wide-ranging skills, superb knowledge & memory, and real-world experience to do the best work possible for each client.


I use professional digital marketing software like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, and many others that provide valuable insights and save time.

Google Local SEO

Google has made significant changes that benefit businesses who invest in local SEO services, mobile-friendliness, high-quality posts, and fast websites. In 2019, you may rank higher on the 1st page with a smaller investment because Google is offering small businesses more free opportunities for placement than ever before. They know searchers are using local keywords in their searches. 


I have extensive Local SEO experience to deliver the results needed to grow a business. Successful local SEO begins with a Google My Business page. Your business must have GMB and also needs profiles in local directories.

Local SEO keywords also need to be in the proper places Google puts extra value on. A site needs one page devoted to for each location of your business with the name, address, and phone number (NAP). A Google Map embedded helps too. It is ideal to use as a contact page.


Customer reviews with your response, photos and posts will all improve the odds of placement in Google’s top 3 local map pack


84% of consumers conduct a Google search before making a final purchase decision and search more on their mobile phone than computers. In 2018, 65% of Google searches came from a mobile phone. When that happens the odds of converting that lead into a customer increases greatly.

Google recently rolled out a “mobile-first” index which pushed sites that look and perform better on a phone higher. Mobile users expect a page to completely load in under 3 seconds.

Google modified its search algorithm with a "speed update". Your website needs to be fast. Google now penalizes slow sites. Customers go back to Google if your site doesn't appear in 3-4 seconds. WordPress websites must be fast-loading, mobile friendly, contain great content and be administered regularly to compete.

In 2019, you must have quality content of at least 1,250 words. One page optimized for each keyword (typically 3-6 words long). Include related keywords, synonyms, LSI-keywords, and geo-targeted keywords.

Visitors stay on on your website longer if they find the answer to their search and stays on your site for a decent length of time (dwell time), Your website may then be determined to be authoritative and trustworthy by Google and rankings will grow.

There is also value in posting your content to social networks to be shared, re-posted by others (Influencer Marketing), obtain traffic, and gain possible backlinks. 


I use efficient, effective, and Google-approved techniques that improve your rankings.  If you stick to Google's recommendations your rankings will stick and grow for long-term. I will help your business in many ways by providing long-lasting SEO and optimized Google AdWords management.

Summary of Digital Marketing Skills

• Management of Google AdWords Accounts & Implementation of SEO For 13 Years
• Google Analytics and Google Search Console Expert
• Keyword & Competitor Research
• Google My Business
• On-Page SEO
• Yoast SEO
• SEO Audits
• Off-Page SEO
• WordPress SEO
• WordPress Speed-Up
• WordPress Administration