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As a small business owner with local customers, the most important thing you can do to help your business is to have a well-optimized Google My Business (GMB) listing.

Leverage all the features such as “request a quote,” posts, many quality photos, reviews (respond to every review), local citations, and placements on Google Maps.

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Google has implemented a “top 3 map pack” show on the 1st page of Google’s results that showcases local businesses. Those top 3 golden spots that every local business needs to be. The top 3 map pack get more clicks, phone calls, website clicks, and customers than organic rankings

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I research industry, local, and competitor keywords and set to improve the position of the client's valuable keywords. The value determined by average and expected AdWords cost-per-click, keyword volume, and competitiveness of term and industry. Competitor research to determine competition methods to obtain their rankings. Target additional keywords that competitors are obtaining traffic from which are not ranking for the client or are ranked too low. Discover local SEO and Google map pack opportunities.


2020 SEO Strategies – High Rankings

Local SEO in 2019 will continue to be a popular and low-cost way to rank higher on Google in their Top 3 Pack. Especially for small businesses who can use Google My Business and Local SEO to rank in Google and on Google Maps.

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