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Connecticut AdWords & SEO Consultant

How To Optimize Your Social Media Posts To Increase SEO Social Signals Use HootSuite or Buffer to schedule posting at optimum times to get most shares (See Link Below). Post to all social networks. Post new content. Repost earlier posted content that got liked and shares. Repost pages like the jobs page. Repost any posts that are frequently updated with new content. Post pages of review sites. Encourage cronies to like posts and share posts. Post every 1-2 days. Use HootSuite to post to WordPress to post to blogs. Post your most creative and lengthy content. Post mentions from other sites including blogs and news sites. Post addresses of your social media sites. Set-up posting via your RSS feed. Encourage allies to go to social media sites to comment, like and share. Create original content to share. Curate posts from other websites to post to your accounts.  

SEO and Google AdWords Certified Services For An Hourly Fee

SEO, Social Media, WordPress SEO & Google AdWords Certified Google AdWords Certified In Search Marketing Twelve-year background in PPC, SEO, WordPress & Social Media. Experienced in the creation of over 100 WordPress websites. Experienced with Google Analytics analysis.  Use analytics on a daily basis to analyze website traffic data to build up successful channels and discover new ones. Expert at Google Search Engine Optimization techniques to rank well. Manage Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Twitter accounts including content creation and Buffer distribution, Keyword, and competitor research, link building and keyword tracking. Market my own company on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Website.  I create websites to rank well and gather leads. I then determine the lead’s goals and be forthright about my ability to meet their needs. Explain some very technical SEO and PPC best practices in a practical “easy to understand way” to my client. Once onboard, I work on my client’s project beginning with an SEO audit, fix any issues, mostly using WordPress. followed by keyword and competitor research including keyword ranking, Email reports on my progress. Some clients want Google AdWords so I set up, optimize &maintain campaigns to make the client’s account as well performing as possible. Use Search …

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Affordable SEO and Google AdWords Freelance Consultant

CT SEO Experts

SEO & AdWords Consultant in Connecticut Professional, reliable and multi-tasking Search Engine Optimization & AdWords Consultant seeks clients to utilize my analytical, knowledge and skills to help business across the US. Google Adwords certified with a 13-year background in PPC, SEO & Social Media. Experienced in the creation of over 100 WordPress websites. Highly experienced with Google Analytics analysis and reporting, Adwords campaign management & SEO implementation. Solid Google Search Engine Marketing knowledge implementing and managing SEO, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Bing, Facebook & Twitter pages and accounts including content creation, keyword and competitor research, competitor research, link building and publishing to social channels.  Used analytics on a daily basis to analyze website traffic data to build channels and discover new ones. Involved in the start-up of TicketNetwork, a StubHub competitor. Made daily, weekly and yearly sales projections using market research and past revenue figures. Established Google, Facebook, Twitter and in-house website strategies for TicketNetwork.com. Handed the keys to a hastily constructed Google Adwords account on day-one built it up to become a major Google advertiser with significant spends in the tens of thousands of dollars monthly while continually improving campaigns to increase ROI and ROAS.  Have attended SEO conferences …

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