18 Ebook PDFs To Help With SEO, AdWords, And Social Media

18 PDF Ebooks – SEO, Google AdWords, and Content Marketing

Awesome ebooks, checklists and white papers covering SEO, Google Ads, Social Media, Local SEO, Technical SEO, SEO Tools, SEO Trends, Google My Business and a surprise or two.

A bonus pdf: the latest Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines.

Great information, tips, and best practices.

All of these PDFs were used as email “opt-in bait.” I was required to subscribe to each vendor’s mailing list. Completely worth it.

I did not create these. I don’t own these and I haven’t changed anything. Enjoy and I hope you learn a lot. As an additional bonus below you find 6 informative and great looking infographics.

SEO Help By Reading At Least One Ebook





Local-SEO-Super Guide

Our Favorite Free SEO Tools for 2018

GOOGLE Search QualityEvaluator Guidelines












I have over 13 years of industry experience working on SEO and Google AdWords. I work on a ten-hour basis for an hourly rate of $60. An initial retainer will cover a 10-hour minimum. When the next retainer is due if you like my work and decide re-retain me that’s awesome. Otherwise, you are free to cancel at any time.  

Robert Stein, SEO & AdWords Consultant
Connecticut SEO Experts
398 Great Swamp Road
Glastonbury, CT 06033
w: https://connecticutseoexperts.com 
p: (860) 659-7135


Connecticut SEO Company – SEO & AdWords

SEO Freelance Consultant Connecticut

Connecticut SEO Company


Robert Stein, CEO
398 Great Swamp Road
Glastonbury, CT 06033

My name is Robert Stein and for the past 4 1/2 years, I have provided digital marketing consulting services to businesses in the US and around the globe.

I have 13 years of digital marketing experience with expert technical and marketing knowledge of Google SEO, Google AdWords, and WordPress. Overall, I have been marketing and selling on the Internet for over 20 years.

Additionally, I have the expertise and current knowledge of best practices utilizing Facebook Ads, Social Media, Content Marketing, and other techniques that assist businesses in achieving their growth and profitability goals.

I develop digital marketing strategies that are customized, creative, innovative, and proven and advise on the essential tools needed to be competitive in the digital marketplace.

I pride myself on being professional, dedicated, and affordable.


Digital Marketing Skills

Over 13 years of Digital Marketing experience.
Over 20 years selling and marketing on the Internet.
Develop SEO strategies for higher Google rankings.
Manage Google AdWords accounts
Certified in Google AdWords.
Mine Google Analytics data.
Keyword & competitor research.
Increase website speed.
Technical SEO audits.
Creator of over 100 WordPress sites.

SEO Service

Perform SEO audit and fix errors.
Optimize website speed.
Research keywords and competitors.
Google keyword position tracking.
Expert with pro SEO tools.
Local SEO.
On-site SEO including META data and HTML headers.
SCHEMA code.

Google AdWords Service

Manage and optimize Google Adwords accounts.
and report metrics including conversions, cost per conversion, and click through rate.
Perform competitor analysis and keyword research.
Create ad copy and improve ad call to actions.
Discover remarketing, audiences, and demographic opportunities.
Optimization of campaigns, ad groups. ads, and keywords.
Track conversions, cost per conversion, cost per click, and quality scores

My SEO Plan

I have used WordPress for 13 years and have created about 100 websites. I’m very skilled at optimizing WordPress for SEO. I create internal links first and external links further down. Add META data, SCHEMA, and rich snippets. Format HTML headers properly. Optimize WordPress for page speed. Compress photos and graphics and add alt-text. Install backup, database, and security plugins. Conduct technical site audits and resolve errors.

Research keyword and competitors to find keywords with high average monthly search volume and high cost-per-click. I use selected keywords, synonyms, and long-tail variations through-out the website. I add them to anchor text in internal links, short URLs, META data, headers, bolding, italics, alt-texts and elsewhere.

I create external links using usually 3 methods. Local SEO has excellent ROI so I use local citation directory links for my clients. I use SEMrush and aHrefs to find competitor links. I obtain similar links if a site’s domain authority is acceptable and the link would fit with their content. I research content my client’s site to feed to social networks to obtain links.

Results using these methods as well as on-site SEO the number of keywords and pages in Google’s index. I create weekly keyword reports and have seen excellent rank gains for highly searched keywords. By learning and performing SEO I have a good methodology.

Create a plan and use professional tools: WordPress, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Yoast SEO, and other products.


Affordable AdWords Help & SEO Consultant

Google AdWords Consultant CT

Skilled SEO & AdWords Consultant

Affordable SEO and AdWords Help

  • 13 years of industry experience using Google AdWords, SEO, Google Analytics, and WordPress.
  • Managed Google AdWords accounts with budgets exceeding $100k/month.
  • Use SEO to increase rankings and traffic.
  • Perform SEO audits.
  • Experienced with On-Site and Off-Site SEO.
  • Skilled with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  • Creator of 75+ WordPress websites.
  • Expert skills using SEO & AdWords pro tools for keyword and competitor research.
  • Skilled in Local SEO.
  • Access to SEO and AdWords pro tools such as SEMRush, Screaming Frog, SpyFu, and others.


Digital Marketing Skills


SEO Site Audits

Google AdWords 


A/B Testing

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Yoast SEO

WordPress Speedups

cheap sep

Affordable SEO Consultant & AdWords Freelancer

SEO & AdWords Freelance Consulting In Connecticut

SEO & Google AdWords Background


Connecticut SEO Consultant  13+ years of technical knowledge of ranking sites high in Google.

To obtain more organic visitors from Google I perform an SEO audit on your site, resolve errors, increase your website speed, SEO your site’s current content, create internal links, and perform local SEO optimization.

I specialize in website audits, technical SEO, Google AdWords management and optimization, WordPress, local SEO,  and more.

Affordable SEO Consulting Service

Analyze Website’s SEO
Technical SEO Audits
Fix SEO Issues
Optimize Website For Speed
Keyword Research
Track Google Rankings
Competitor Research
Add Meta Data
Add Alt-Text To Images
SEO Current Website Content
Ensure Proper HTML Headers
Create an Internal Link Structure
Create Schema & Rich Snippets Code
Local SEO Optimization
Track Keywords
Install Caching System

SEO Consultant Connecticut Qualifications

Experienced analyzing Google Analytics data, utilizing Google Search Console, SEMrush, MOZ, Keyword Planner, Screaming Frog Spider, SpyFu, and other professional tools. Have optimized over 100 WordPress websites for SEO and site speed.

I work on an affordable retainer basis at $60/hour for SEO Consulting. also highly experienced with Google AdWords.