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What Makes For Excellent Google SEO?

What is necessary for excellent Google SEO?

  • Excellent Google SEO must be consistent with Google’s Webmaster guidelines and use white hat techniques only.
  • Good SEO must have excellent inbound marketing content that satisfies the user’s query, distinct, non-spammy links, the proper hierarchy including URL structure and targeted keywords in the URL, excellent Meta Descriptions, Titles and Headers with targeted keywords as well as hyper-local geo-targeted keywords.
  • An excellent SEO-ed website must be fast and fast loading initially and be mobile friendly preferably with AMP.
  • Good SEO must ensure a low bounce rate and a high website dwell time using content over 1000 words written at a specific grade level, videos, pictures or infographics.
  • Good SEO must not only focus on targeted keywords but also synonyms and LSI-semantics for each page.
  • Good SEO must take advantage of all alt text opportunities.
  • Good SEO must have an XML sitemap and a proper robots.txt file to ensure crawl ability by the search engines.
  • Good SEO uses the semantic markup language.
  • Good SEO must be tracked constantly and consistently with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and keyword tracking tools.
  • Good SEO must have unique content.
  • Good SEO uses internal links.
  • Good SEO links outbound links within content, not just in widgets or blogrolls.

Where is Search Optimization headed in 2017 and beyond?

Search Engine Optimization In 2017

Where is Search Optimization headed in 2017?

Well, it is that time of year again (or almost that time of year) where pundits make bold predictions on the future of Google and the future of SEO in 2017 and beyond. We’ve come a long way since the early 2000’s where SEO was such an easy game to play amassing link schemes and other black hat techniques to trick Google into giving you an enormous amount of traffic.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Currently, Google has confirmed that the top 3 ranking factors currently are links, content, and RankBrain (or AI). I see no reason for any of these to be pushed out of the top 3 spots. Perhaps RankBrain gets the number one position in 2017 as it becomes further adept at determining user search intent. I know that is what Google wants. Google cannot rely on links and length and quality of “epic content” to be exploited by black hatters, thus they need RankBrain to be the be all end all to put the nail in black hatter coffins.

After that, positions 4-10 is where it gets fun!! I see site speed becoming even more of a factor as Google pushes AMP adoption. Mobile responsiveness is already part of the algorithm(s) so that stays high in my mind. The usual bounce rates, time on a site and pages a user consumes on a site still are vital indicators of good if not great content. I see 2017 as a year with multiple algorithm updates every hour as Google tries to pinpoint exact user needs at an exact moment in time. Local SEO, so important now becomes more important. Voice search is ready to pop as so many users are just more willing to talk into their phones than type into them. Micro formats and Schema have their parts to play but in a very minor way. I really do not think the Internet of things is ready for prime time in 2017, but that is for consumers to decide.

I really do not think the Internet of things is ready for prime time in 2017, but that is for consumers to decide.

2017 looks like a fun year in SEO and if you want to do your best, follow Google guidelines, trends, and new opportunities and you will be able to if not dominate the SERPs at least have your hands in all of Google’s baskets that a few of them may be filled with gold.