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Typically when beginning or optimizing SEO Services and Google AdWords for clients there are more hours use upfront so ten hours is used in a week or week and a half.
I run an extensive site audit to fix as many critical SEO as possible.
I perform keyword research of long-tail, LSI, related, synonyms, and competitor keywords (and local if needed).

I research competitor keywords using SEMrush, MOZ, and a variety of other Keyword and SEO Toolsets.
I provide CPC from AdWords and average monthly search volume from Google organic. Plus a competitiveness rating.
Using those reports I generate a list of high volume, lower CPC, and average competitiveness of 60-75 keywords to start ranking for and go after the bigger keywords over the second and third month. If there is a local aspect to the business local SEO is faster.
After a week and I half, I perform on-site SEO add or optimizing META Titles, Descriptions, Headers, internal linking, site speed. If WordPress is used I use Yoast SEO and maybe 8-10 plugins to cache the site, make it faster, minify js, CSS and HTML, I can typically boost WordPress site speed by 30 or so Google PageSpeed rank.
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I take the keywords used to SEO and use a Google ranking tool that will check the ranking of keyword and landing page and report position. It may take 30 days or more to see big keyword jumps but it depends on the status of the site right now. Some keyword pop right away. I will send the ranking report weekly and also show progress on the site audit and speed score.
So for SEO services for the 1st month, it works out usually 10 hours first week. 10-15 hours second week. They can usually do 15 hours for the third and fourth week. That works out to 60-70 1st month.
The second month is usually 20 hours total. 5/hours a week. That is usually spent that time running Analytics and Google Search Console reports. Find which keywords work and find and test new keywords. Further on-site SEO implementing more best practices. Perform keyword research tools on the site for additional suggested keywords. Ideally, each page should target one keyword per page to optimize for. The site should use short URLs with main keywords. main keywords and related keywords are used in the correct proportion so it does not look like keyword stuffing. Bolding, italics, and adding to links is good practice. Use as categories and tags. Optimize the category pages for more SEO potential. So 2nd month could be 20-25 more depending if you have a time goal.
The 3rd month I can do 10-20 hours. I usually see bigger gains starting the 3rd month. I send ranking reports to track overall SEO. Examine and use reports from Analytics, Search Console and SEMrush to provide data to show improvements usually weekly. I link building off-site using vendors approved by Google to create local directory citation links from the larger free sites to push SEO. I can request a service to manually generate 50-70 links in a natural way. Budget $100-$150 for that service. 


This is what works for SEO on Google for 2019.

Your site should have a blog. Google prefers posts or pages to have 2000 characters, be authoritative, reference facts to back up what their content communicates via out links to authoritative sites. Should have images with main keywords and related keyword added to alt-text. It should answer the users search and also ideally answer questions the search has not realized to search for yet but the page answers his queries without a Google search. this increase will site and depth of pages visited and low bounce rate. The site must be optimized for mobile as Google has a mobile-first index now because mobile searches are around 65%. The site must be fast due to Google’s Speed Update which penalizes slow sites. Users expect a mobile page to load in under 3 seconds.
My Google AdWords services depend on if you have an account set up already. If not, that takes time. If you have one I run reports in AdWords, SEMrush, SpyFu, and others to optimize account, add keywords research from SEO and other sources, A/B test ads, focus on improving the number of conversions, conversion rate, cost per conversion, and quality scores of keywords, ads, and landing pages. Ensure account uses AdWords best practices including extensions such as site-links, call-out links, phone links if desired, location, demographic bid modifiers, keyword match types are all in order. If the client has an account it would take ten hours first wee-week and a half to optimize and then 2-3 hours a week to manage, improve, optimize, perform competitor research and generate monthly metrics report. so after that, it is usually 10-15 hours to manage, generate reports and make further optimizations going forward,
I need website login, AdWords account invited to [email protected] and also invite that address to Analytics, Search Console, and Google My Business accounts.
I do the content distribution to social profiles. Either way, the client should regularly post to social profiles using enticing titles, hashtags, and images.
I am flexible and will work within your budget. Beginning SEO services can take 2-3 months to rank significantly on Google. Usually, do see some good jumps after 30 days.


Affordable SEO Services & AdWords Consulting $60/Hour.

10-Hour Minimum Retainer. Cancel Any Time.

Contact Bob at 860.659.7135 or [email protected].




Free SEO Tips To Rank On Page 1 Of Google

Free SEO Tips That Work In 2018

Bob Stein, SEO & Google AdWords Consultant In Connecticut

Over 13 Years Experience With SEO And AdWords Management

[email protected] – (860) 659-7135 – Glastonbury, CT


SEO Expert CT

Google SEO Tips To Get Better Rankings and More Traffic

Free SEO Tips And Tricks

  • Your content should have 1000+ characters which will satisfy the user’s query fully, increase user dwell time, is unique, has internal links, external links, short URLs with keywordsexcellent and unique Meta Titles and HTML Headers with LSI, Synonyms, long-tail keywords, and local geo-targeted keywords.
  • Place these keywords throughout your content and bolded, italicized and as anchor text. 
  • Your site must have a low bounce rate and high dwell time.
  • Content should be written at for a moderate grade level with screenshots, graphics, videos, and photos.
  • Do not keyword stuff on your pages. Google views this as spam.
  • Take advantage of alt-text opportunities in images. Minor SEO effect but crucial for Google Images SEO placement.
  • Use an XML sitemap (Use Yoast SEO).
  • Create a robots.txt file.
  • Google recommends SCHEMA on the backend to better classify your content for Google.
  • SEO should be tracked with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and keyword tracking tools.
  • Limit no-follow links.
  • Obtain incoming links from high authority domains.
  • Create a Google My Business page as well as Bing Page, Google Maps, Apple Maps, MapQuest, Merchant Circle, Manta, and Yellow Book local citation links.
  • Don’t use “black-hat” SEO.


Connecticut SEO Consultants


Connecticut SEO Experts Services


Those are the SEO methods  I use for clients needing expert SEO consulting

Most of the tasks should be done for the maximum Google SEO.

With over 13 years of digital marketing industry experience, I have many other SEM skills including Google AdWords Management & Optimization and Social Media Management.

If you do not see a specific task you are looking for help with please inquire.  

Contact me by phone at (860) 659-7135 or email [email protected] for additional information.

I offer my consulting services at $60/hour with a 10-hour minimum retainer.

You may cancel at any time. No long-term contract.


SEO Consulting Techniques

1. Keyword and competitor research with pro tools.
2. Site speed test. Make site faster.
3. Backup website.
4. SEO audit.
5. Fix audit errors hurting SEO.
6. Implement SEO methods.
7. Optimize Technical SEO.
8. Perform on-site SEO.
9. Add SCHEMA markup language.
10. Optimize META Titles Descriptions.
11. Add proper HTML headers.
12. Optimize for local SEO.
13. Manage and optimize Google Adwords.
14. Data mine Google Analytics.
15. Setup Yoast SEO.
16. Submit sitemap to Google Search Console.
17. Track keyword rankings on Google.


Bob Stein, SEO & AdWords Consultant
Glastonbury, CT 06033

[email protected]



Contact me with any questions. 
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