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27 Free and recently published SEO & AdWords PDFs totaling thousands of pages and hundreds of graphic illustrations to learn about the 2019 SEO landscape.

Learn which techniques currently work, which do not, and which do not anymore.

These new guides cover basic, expert, experiments, and proven techniques to rank high in Google’s search pages.

You may also be fascinated by studies of the current SEO & Paid Search industries.

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SEO & AdWords eBooks

5 Outside the Box Strategies for Links

2018 SEO Tips Complete List Backlinko



2018 Local SEO

2018 Local SEO Super Guide




2018 SEO Trends


2018 Complete SEO Guide

Fast Growth


Best SEO Tools

7 Proven Point Cheat Sheet

Seo Checklist 2018

Compatitive Research

Create an SEO strategy from scratch

Ebook – CI for Product Marketing

Enterprise SEO Platforms

Get into Google’s Local Pack

SEO Checklist

Create a Content Benchmark with SEMrush


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SEO Beginner’s Guides By Search Optimization Experts

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 SEO For Beginners Written By The Best Search Optimizers In Digital Marketing


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The Definitive List of Local Search Citations
The 10 SEO ranking factors we know to be true
SEO Best Practices – On-Page SEO Checklist
The SEO Content Writer’s Cheat Sheet
Ultimate Google My Business Optimization Checklist

WordPress Speed Tips To Make Faster & Better SEO [Infographics]

WordPress SEO Infographics

WordPress SEO Infographics


Website Speed Is Now A Part Of Google’s Core Algorithm


A Strong SEO Ranking Factor


  • In July 2018, after months of alerting webmasters, Google rolled out a “Speed Update” to its core algorithm.
  • Google doesn’t give you credit for a fast WordPress site but punishes slower sites in its rankings.
  • It makes sense. Today’s mobile users dislike slow websites and are likely to “bounce” back to Google.com if a website doesn’t finish loading on a mobile phone within 3 – 4 seconds (even though the industry average is around 7 seconds).
  • A fast bounce back alerts Google that the website either did not answer the user search query or there may be a technical reason the user returned to Google so quickly.
  • Google gives points to sites where a user “dwells” (or spends an above average time on).  It is one sign that the user has found the answer to their search or may ever have discovered additional, relevant, and useful information they hadn’t thought of.
  • Google does not use your Google Analytics data but has their own internal analytics for their site.
  • A fast WordPress website is great for user experience, especially mobile phone users who now make up 65% Google’s searchers. Luckily, there are many free and premium plug-ins to make a WordPress site faster and improve SEO.
  • You can test the Google Page Speed Score by visiting a site such as GTMetrix with has all the features you need at no cost.
  • If you run the short test and find out your WordPress site has below average speed, I have years of professional experience improving site speed and SEO.


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WordPress SEO & Speed-Ups

WordPress SEO


On Page SEO

SEO Marketing