WordPress Monthly Maintenance Services – Security & Maintenence

My WordPress Monthly Maintenance Service – Security, Speed-Up & Maintenence

WordPress giving you headaches? Too many plugins to update, WordPress running slow, Getting hackers trying to take over and log in to your web site?

Consider my Webmaster Services for WordPress Monthly Speed-Up, Upgrade and Speed Optimization Service.

Twice weekly for a month, I will:

  • Backup your WordPress website.
  • Install a security plugin to secure your site from unauthorized individuals and hackers and comment spam. I will check logs twice a week and block repeat offenders.
  • I will upgrade your WordPress version and plugins, including deactivating plugins not currently being used.
  • I will speed-up your website tremendously by installing a cache system to speed-up your WordPress site. Will also empty your website cache once a week to ensure cache does not get too large.
  • I will optimize and reduce the size of your images via a lossless method. The human eye will not be able to tell the difference in the quality of the image, but the bandwidth savings will make your site faster.
  • I will be on call via email or phone to resolve specific WordPress errors. I can also work with your hosting company to submit tickets and resolve errors.
  • Can also recommend the fastest web hosters I know of and assist migrating your site to them.
  • Can set-up a CDN (Content Delivery Network) which will provide a speed-up to visitors of your site.

Additionally, you may retain me for Local SEO of your site to rank as high as possible in Google.

I charge a reasonable $240/month fee to provide my WordPress services. There are no long-term, locked-in contracts and you may cancel my services at any time.

Try my service for a month and I will show documentation that my maintenance and speed-up services provide value to you and your visitors.

For local SEO, I charge $40 an hour to optimize your Google My Business Directory, submit your site to Local Directories and provide ranking statistics to prove my services will help you rank better locally.

If you would like to sign up, even for a one-month trial, please contact me at bobstein@gmail.com.

Best regards and hope you will take advantage of my WordPress services.