WordPress SEO & Site Speed-Ups

  • WordPress is easy to learn, set-up, and create content. You can build and launch a professional looking WordPress website in a day or even a few hours. But you’ll need someone to fine tune your website to optimize your WordPress SEO and improve your website speed.
  • In 2018 WordPress turned 15 years old.
  • There are many WordPress plugins and themes that perform SEO & Site Speed-Ups. Plugins to help you compress images, minify code, cache files, compress images and create major speed improvements.
  • The speed of a website is a strong ranking signal for Google. Users do not like slow websites.  A fast site is great for the user experience, mobile device users, and SEO. Google launched a “Speed Update” in July 2018 that punishes slow sites. 
  • WordPress is made for responsive themes and easy to make mobile-friendly. Google has rolled out a “mobile-first” update because 65% of searches come from mobile phones.

SEO Expert Consultant In Connecticut Gives You Google Infographics

SEO infographics were my first exposure to the medium and really boosted my skill set and SEO knowledge. There are 100's of thousands covering the SEM industry and they really took off because it was (and probably still) is a great method of obtaining backlinks to your website.

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