Connecticut Google AdWords & SEO Freelance Consultant


Connecticut SEO Freelancers

Connecticut SEO & AdWords Freelance Consultant

Some of my SEO  and AdWords experience and skills


  • Google AdWords PPC Certification March 2017.
  • Keep up to date on latest SEO & AdWords Techniques.
  • 13 years’ experience with Google AdWords PPC, WordPress Management, and SEO.
  • Managed Google AdWords paid search accounts with budgets exceeding $100k/month.
  • Use SEO to increase Google organic rankings and traffic.
  • Utilize On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO.
  • Skilled with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  • Webmaster to 100+ WordPress SEO-friendly and fast websites\.
  • Perform keyword research and quantitative competitor research.
  • Usage of Local SEO techniques. Citation building and Google My Business optimizations.
  • Usage of SEO and Google AdWords professional tools SEMRush, aHrefs, Screaming Frog, Moz, SpyFu, DeepCrawl and many others.
  • SEO, AdWords, and Analytics reporting skills.
  • Experienced with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn ads and content management.


Digital Marketing Skills

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Technical SEO Site Audits

Local SEO

Google AdWords Management (PPC)



Social Media Marketing/Content Marketing (SMM)

Link Building (Internal & External)

Facebook Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising

E-commerce SEO

Conversion Optimization (A/B Testing)

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Connecticut Freelance Consultant | WordPress SEO & Speed Up

7 SEO [Infographics] To Explode Your Brain

WordPress SEO And Web Site Speed Up Tips

Why I Love WordPress

  • WordPress SEO is simple. When you build a website with WordPress, you do not have to know any programming language. Zero knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS or SQL is required. It may help you to know a little but it isn’t necessary. WordPress is easy to learn. You can build and launch a professional looking WordPress website in a day or even a couple hours. But you may need someone to fine tune WordPress to optimize your site’s SEO and performance.
  • In 2018 WordPress turned 15 years old and now has thousands of loyal PHP programmers who have contributed to its development by building sophisticated themes and plugins anyone can install easily and utilize.
  • There are literally tens of thousands of ready-made free and low-cost versions of WordPress plugins and themes that serve many purposes.
  • With WordPress, it is easy to launch a fast-loading and mobile device responsive website from day one. Additionally, there are plugins designed to help you compress images, minify files, cache files, and perform many speed enhancements.   The speed of a website is a strong ranking signal to Google. Users will not tolerate a bloated slow website anymore.  a fast site is great for the user experience, mobile device users, and SEO. Google will launch a “Speed Update” beginning in July 2018. Google has analyzed all the data and knows users will dwell on websites that are fast-loading.
  • WordPress is made for a responsive theme and easy to design a mobile-friendly site. Google is in the beginning stages of rolling out a “mobile-first” index.
  • If you have the right knowledge and skills, WordPress SEO is a piece of cake. WordPress was built from the ground-up to be an SEO friendly content management system.  There are also plugins like Yoast’s SEO that further the search engine optimization abilities with WordPress and ranking high in Google.
  • WordPress is used by over 70,000 websites including large websites like The New York Times and Huffington Post. A WordPress site can do almost anything. Best of all WordPress is free!