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WordPress SEO. Rank High In Google.

WordPress Delivers Excellent SEO

  • WordPress SEO is simple. When you build a website with WordPress, you do not have to know any programming language. No knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS or SQL is required. WordPress is easy to learn, set-up, and create content. You can build and launch a professional looking WordPress website in a day or even a few hours. But you’ll need someone to fine tune your website to optimize your WordPress SEO and site speed.
  • In 2018 WordPress turned 15 years old and now has thousands of loyal PHP programmers who have contributed to its development by building sophisticated themes and plugins anyone can install easily and utilize.
  • There are hundreds of thousands of ready-made free and low-cost WordPress plugins and themes that perform very great functions to make your website look professional and bring you more traffic.
  • With WordPress, you can launch a fast-loading and mobile- website from day one. There are plugins designed to help you compress images, minify code, cache files, compress images and create speed enhancements.
  • The speed of a website is a strong ranking signal for Google. Users do not like slow websites.  A fast site is great for the user experience, mobile device users, and SEO. Google launched a “Speed Update” in July 2018 that punishes slow sites. Google has analyzed the data and knows users stay longer on websites that load fast.
  • WordPress is made for mobile themes and easy to make mobile-friendly. Google has rolled out a “mobile-first” update because 65% of searches come from mobile phones.
  • With knowledge and skills, WordPress SEO is do-able, but it takes some time. WordPress was built from the ground-up to be an SEO friendly site.  With plugins like Yoast SEO to enhance the technical search engine optimization capabilities of WordPress, you can finally rank high in Google.
  • WordPress is used by over 70,000 websites including large websites like The New York Times and Huffington Post. WordPress sites can do almost anything.
  • Best of all WordPress is free.

Phone or email me to discuss more about WordPress.


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Google SEO Help And Tips To Rank On Page 1

google seo tips


Google SEO Tips To Get Better Rank and Traffic

Basic SEO Help For Beginners

  • Your content should have 1000+ characters which may satisfy the user’s query fully, increases user dwell time, is unique, has internal links, proper hierarchy of URL structure, excellent Meta Descriptions for a higher user click-through-rate, unique Meta Titles and Headers with targeted long-tail keywords and local Geo-targeted keywords as well as synonyms throughout the body of the page. If you are a beginner SEO, you must be made aware of this.
  • A Google-friendly website even with amazing SEO must be fast and fast loading, mobile-friendly, and responsive to any user screen.
  • Your site must have a low bounce rate and high dwell time. Content should be written at for a moderately low-grade level with screenshots, graphics, videos, photos, or infographics.
  • SEO must not only focus on targeted keywords but also synonyms and LSI-semantic keywords for each page without keyword stuffing your targeted keyword(s).
  • Another SEO tip. You are missing out if you do not take advantage of alt-text opportunities in images.
  • Use an XML sitemap and a robots.txt file to ensure bots may visit.
  • Google recommends SCHEMA markup language to better classify the content of your site.
  • SEO should be tracked constantly and consistently with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and keyword tracking tools to find specific user queries which can then be used to create additional content.
  • You must have unique non-duplicate content.
  • Use external do-follow links within content, not just inside widgets or blogrolls. Limit no-follow links
  • High ranking sites have incoming links from high authority domains.
  • Sites must withstand Technical SEO Audits.
  • I am an SEO Consultant seeking new clients.
I call this an SEO package because it is the method and process I typically use for clients needing expert SEO. Feel free to choose what you’d like me to tackle but most of the tasks should be done. I have many other SEM skills. If you do not see a specific thing you are looking for help with please ask.  
Contact me by phone or email bobstein@gmail.com for additional information. I offer my consulting services at $60/hour with a 10-hour minimum retainer. You may cancel at any time. No long-term contract.

SEO Package

1. Keyword and competitor research with pro tools.
2. Site speed test. Make site faster.
3. Backup website. 
4. Optimize database.
5. SEO audit.
6. Fix audit errors hurting SEO.
7. Implement SEO methods.
8. Optimize Technical SEO.
9. Perform on-site SEO.
10. Add SCHEMA markup language.
11. Optimize META Titles Descriptions.
12. Add proper HTML headers.
13. Optimize for local SEO.
14. Manage and optimize Google Adwords.
15. Data mine Google Analytics.
16. Setup Yoast SEO.
17. Submit sitemap to Google Search Console.
18. Track keyword rankings on Google.

I have over 13 years experience with SEO and Google AdWords. I work on a ten-hour basis for at an hourly rate of $60. An initial retainer will cover a 10-hour minimum. When the next retainer is due if you like my work and decide re-retain me that’s awesome. Otherwise, you are free to cancel at any time.

Bob Stein, Consultant
398 Great Swamp Road
Glastonbury, CT 06033

Affordable SEO Consultant & AdWords Freelancer

SEO & AdWords Freelance Consulting In Connecticut

SEO & Google AdWords Background


Connecticut SEO Consultant  13+ years of technical knowledge of ranking sites high in Google.

To obtain more organic visitors from Google I perform an SEO audit on your site, resolve errors, increase your website speed, SEO your site’s current content, create internal links, and perform local SEO optimization.

I specialize in website audits, technical SEO, Google AdWords management and optimization, WordPress, local SEO,  and more.

Affordable SEO Consulting Service

Analyze Website’s SEO
Technical SEO Audits
Fix SEO Issues
Optimize Website For Speed
Keyword Research
Track Google Rankings
Competitor Research
Add Meta Data
Add Alt-Text To Images
SEO Current Website Content
Ensure Proper HTML Headers
Create an Internal Link Structure
Create Schema & Rich Snippets Code
Local SEO Optimization
Track Keywords
Install Caching System

SEO Consultant Connecticut Qualifications

Experienced analyzing Google Analytics data, utilizing Google Search Console, SEMrush, MOZ, Keyword Planner, Screaming Frog Spider, SpyFu, and other professional tools. Have optimized over 100 WordPress websites for SEO and site speed.

I work on an affordable retainer basis at $60/hour for SEO Consulting. also highly experienced with Google AdWords.




Affordable SEO & Google AdWords Freelance Consultant In Connecticut

SEO & Google AdWords Freelance Consultant CT

Affordable SEO

Connecticut SEO Experts Provides SEO Specialist ServicesGoogle AdWords Management, and WordPress Site Speed Optimizations to clients across the US.

Proficient SEO Specialist with over 13 years experience developing strategic SEO campaigns, managing Google AdWords accounts, conducting technical SEO audits, resolving issues and errors,  in-depth keyword and competitor research, utilizing Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Console for insight, performing WordPress site speed-ups, Mobile Optimizations, and implementing Local SEO to a wide range of small to mid-sized businesses as a consultant. Google AdWords Certified.

Excellent Google SEO skills. Local SEO & WordPress SEO specialist. Over a decade of experience with Google AdWords account setups, management, and optimization. Proven record of successes as an SEO/SEM consultant.

I utilize many paid professional SEO Tools such as Moz, SEMrush, Ahref, SpyFu, BuzzSumo, Long Tail Pro, and many others. I follow SEO news and blogs for the latest strategies.

Google has made 2018 the year of Local SEO, Mobile-First Indexing, and Site-Speed. Beginning July 1st if you have a slow website you will be penalized. Google is giving business owners opportunities to increase their local search impression share and increase organic traffic.

We offer Local SEO services optimized for Google’s geo-targeted SERPs. By submitting to local SEO citation directories and optimizing your Google My Business pages you stand a much greater chance of ranking in the Google’s top 3 local “map pack.”

In 2018 Google is used more on mobile devices than computers. Over 60% of Google’s search queries are submitted via a mobile phone. Websites must be mobile-friendly. Google recently implemented their mobile-first index,  Google has set a July 2018 date for a major Speed Update algorithm roll-out. Slow sites will be penalized. I’ve optimized for SEO and speed-up 100+ WordPress sites.

I help businesses by creating long-term SEO gains and have managed and optimized many Google AdWords accounts.

My fee is significantly lower than others in the industry @ $50/hour. I have no long-term contracts to lock you in. I provide SEO and AdWords services to many clients entering the water for the first time.  My rate is affordable. I work in 10-hour retainers paid in advance. I  know when you begin to see the results of my efforts you will want me to work for you in the future.


SEO and AdWords Skills


• Google AdWords Certified
• Google Analytics Reporting
• Google Webmaster Console Administration
• Keyword and Competitor Research
• Local SEO Citation Creation and Google My Business Optimizations
• Research With SEMrush & a Variety of SEO & PPC Tools
• On-Page SEO Formatting and Internal Linking
• Implementation of Yoast SEO
• WordPress Speed-Ups
• Technical SEO Audits To Discover and Fix SEO Errors
• Set-up SCHEMA, JSON, and Rich Snippets code


Email bobstein@connecticutseoexperts.com or phone 860.659.7135 to discuss your SEO, Local SEO, and Google AdWords needs.