Local CT SEO Companies

Choosing a Local CT SEO Company Without Losing Your Shirt

Making a choice for your SEO provider is difficult, but finding a Local CT SEO Company makes sense if you are a small, mid-sized or large company in Connecticut.


  1.  You are less likely to get scammed in SEO if you work with a local company, consultant or freelancer than if you are choosing to work with someone across the country or around the world. Don’t fall for $100 SEO or click and AdWords ad to obtain an SEO provider.
  2. A Local CT SEO professional instinctively knows more about the Connecticut region, its cities, town, counties and associated Local SEO directories that focus on Connecticut.
  3. You’ll get more priority and more hands on attention working with an SEO in CT compared to vast companies with hundreds of clients working out of NYC, Boston or LA.
  4. If you need to meet with your SEO provider, it is much easier to arrange a meeting and travel within the state than haul up to a corporate office in Massachusetts or New York or fly to Seattle or LA.
  5. Working with a Local CT SEO professional, you get to put the name to the face and can be assured when you have questions or concerns, a Connecticut provider will want to address all of your thoughts and needs.
  6. Working as an SEO Freelance Consultant in Connecticut is kind of lonely. There are not many of my breed in the state. It makes me want to serve each client like it is my only client and build a relationship that will not just last a couple weeks, but for years to come as Local SEO continues to thrive and grow. I’m not focused on getting as many leads as possible and setting up some auto program to run your SEO or AdWords, I like knowing your industry, your business, where you came from and where you intend to go.
  7. Local SEO companies and inherently cheaper in the long run for the same SEO results as there is much less overhead for employees, office space, and transportation.
  8. A Local CT SEO Specialist is usually adaptable to when you need information. At almost anytime a Connecticut local is easily reached by phone or email. No time-zones to worry about.
  9. A Local SEO consultant wants to perform excellent SEO but also wants to guide you along the way and educate you in SEO basics or advanced tactics so you know he or she is a knowledgeable expert in the field and gives you the confidence that you are spending your money wisely.
  10. Whether you choose me or another SEO expert, I suggest you do the research, reading reviews and testimonials, speak with them on the phone, correspond through email, see how well they rank with their own websites and then figure out the cost and decide what you want for your investment before agreeing to any long-term contracts with a firm on the west coast whose employees may take more joy in attending SEO conferences and seminars than the joy of working SEO to meet you crucial business goals.
  11. A Local Google AdWords Manager is much less likely to spend your money on Google and then demand 25-30% of that spend as their fee for just letting AdWords run with no management or optimization.
  12. Ask an SEO provider, what SEO news sources they read, what SEO tools do they use, and how they can help your business’ website prosper on-site as well as off-site.
  13. Best Wishes – Robert Stein

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