SEO Expert Consultant

& Google AdWords Management In Connecticut

Over 20 years experience marketing on the internet with 13-years experience and involvement with SEO, Google AdWords (now rebranded Google Ads, and WordPress SEO.

For the past 4 1/2 years, I have been an SEO & Google Ads consultant in Connecticut with clients from all over the United States. With a wide variety of clients, it is a nice opportunity to learn about all different industries.

Perform Search Engine Optimization,  WordPress SEO  & Speed-Ups, Google AdWords Account Management, using Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Local SEO, SEMrush, aHrefs, MOZ, and Raven Tools. I also read as much as possible about the industry news, trends, algorithm updates and best practices.

As an SEO freelance consultant, I spend a portion of my time seeking new clients. I do really enjoy having conversations about SEO and what works and what doesn’t as well the latest Google Ads enhancements.


SEO Consulting Is A Good Career

I love the SEO trade. I work well with a diverse group of clients. I strive to be straightforward, honest and educational with my clients. I always keep in mind that I like when my vendors over-deliver doing more than promised an I try to be the same way.

I strategize white-hat SEO techniques, always begin with technical SEO audits and understand the importance of on-site and off-site SEO. Sites-speed, local SEO, and mobile friendliness are vital in 2018. I really enjoy keyword and competitor research and have a wide range of expertise with proven SEO techniques as well as current developments that I have become a Google Ads and SEO Expert.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills to help more businesses take advantage of today’s online marketing opportunities.

If you are looking for an SEO or Ads consultant call me and we can have an initial conversation about jump straight into the digital marketplace.

I charge an affordable $50/hours and ask for a ten-hour minimum so I can utilize my skills fully.