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Google SEO
Google SEO

Tips & Tricks To Increase Google SEO Ranking


A Quick Guide For Beginner At SEO & As Well As SEO Experts


  • Excellent SEO should have 1000+ worlds of content that satisfies the user’s query fully, has images, is unique, has internal links, proper hierarchy of URL structure, excellent Meta Descriptions for a higher user click-through-rate, unique Meta Titles and Headers with targeted long-tail keywords and local geo-targeted keywords as well as synonyms throughout the body of the page. If you are a Beginner SEO, you must be made aware of this.
  • A Google-friendly website even with amazing SEO must be fast and fast loading, mobile-friendly, and responsive to any user screen.
  • Your site must have a low bounce rate and high dwell time. Content should be over 1000 words written at for a moderately low-grade level with screenshots, graphics, videos, photos,  or infographics.
  • SEO must not only focus on targeted keywords but also synonyms and LSI-semantics for each page without keyword stuffing your targeted keyword(s).
  • You are missing out if you do not take advantage of all alt-text opportunities in images.
  • Use an XML sitemap and a robots.txt file to ensure bots may visit.
  • The best SEO uses the SCHEMA markup language so search engines can better classify the content of the page.
  • SEO should be tracked constantly and consistently with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and keyword tracking tools to find specific user queries which can then be used to create additional content.
  • You must have unique non-duplicate content.
  • Use outbound do-follow links within content, not just inside widgets or blogrolls. Limit no-follow links
  • Excellent sites have incoming links from high authority domains.
  • Sites must withstand Technical SEO Audits.
  • If you cannot do the above I am an SEO Freelance Consultant and would be happy to assist.