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WordPress Delivers Many Paths Towards Excellent SEO


  • WordPress SEO is simple. When you build a website with WordPress, you do not have to know any programming language. No knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS, or SQL is required. WordPress is easy to learn, set-up, and create content. You can build and launch a professional-looking WordPress website in a day or even a few hours. But you’ll need someone to fine-tune your website to optimize your WordPress SEO and site speed.
  • In 2018 WordPress turned 15 years old and now has thousands of loyal PHP programmers who have contributed to its development by building sophisticated themes and plugins to install easily and utilize. The number of webmasters of WordPress numbers in the tens of thousands.
  • There are hundreds of thousands of ready-made free and low-cost WordPress plugins and themes that perform great and functions to make your website look professional and bring you more traffic.
  • With WordPress, you can launch a fast-loading and mobile- website in very little time. There are plugins designed to help you compress images, minify code, cache files, compress images, and create speed enhancements.
  • The speed of a website is a ranking signal for Google. Users dislike slow websites.  A fast site is key for user experience, mobile device users, and SEO. Google launched a “Speed Update” in July 2018 that punishes slow sites. Google has analyzed the data and knows users stay longer on websites that load fast.
  • WordPress is made for mobile themes and easy to make mobile-friendly. Google has rolled out a “mobile-first” update because 65% of searches come from mobile phones.
  • With knowledge and skills, WordPress SEO is do-able, but it takes some time. WordPress was built from the ground-up to be an SEO friendly site.  With plugins like Yoast SEO to enhance the technical search engine optimization capabilities of WordPress, you can finally rank high in Google.
  • Best of all WordPress is free.

Looking for an SEO expert with strong WordPress skills? I have 15 years of experience with both. I would llove to help you. Contant me at bobdtein@gmail or att

Experienced SEO and Internet Marketing Expert

SEO Expert and 15 Years of Google AdWords Experience

I am not your average Internet Marketing consultant. I have worked for Microsoft, IBM, Lotus, and Travelers. For the past 15 years, I have built many successful marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes (although I currently specialize in small business marketing, local SEO, and Google’s Top 3 Map Pack). 

I have had a passion for digital marketing and have learned many
techniques to increase visibility engagement, leads, and sales.

I also have a B.S. in Marketing.

My pricing is very attractive and quite reasonable with no “agency-style” long-term and locked-in contracts.

I am offering Digital Marketing services to you with a free consultation to ensure the best possible results.

Certified in Google AdWords and Analytics, I can guide you through the hoops and hurdles of e-commerce.

I work on a 10-hour retainer at $50/hour. I don’t lock you in for any length of time.

Andrew Stoddard
“Very easy to work with, great reports at every step of the way! By
far one of the easiest things we’ve implemented and has been a huge

William O’Hare
“Great person, very knowledgeable, tremendous help.”

Jonah Wallerstein
“Very knowledgeable and friendly. Great service!”

Nick Eve
“I worked with Bob for years. He is a very personable, talented guy,
who brings a lot of passion to what he does. I highly recommend
working with him.”

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How To Start SEO & Local SEO For Your Website

General Local SEO & Targeted Digital Marketing


Organic SEO

Keyword & Competitor Research
On-Page SEO(use HTML Headers).
Technical SEO (minimize on-page errors).
Page Speed
SCHEMA code (Google sees, users, don’t, important).
Local Keyword Based Quality Content (Freelancers)
Infographic or More Visual Content
General Link Building 
Track Keyword Rankings

Local SEO

Get Into Google’s Local Finder
Local Citation Directory Creation & Submission
Local Link Building
Google Maps
Optimize Google My Business, Facebook & LinkedIn Pages

That’s the way to build a good SEO foundation. Once you begin ranking, you can use that data to focus on one keyword per page for optimum SEO.


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How to Rank a Website Locally Local SEO Guide scaled - Google image1 - Google google trends map - Google

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Learn Digital Marketing From Infographics

Digital Marketing Infographics 2020


Use Local SEO Services To Rank Higher In Google.

I also provide organic SEO services, Google AdWords certified management & optimization as a consultant to businesses. I have 15 years of digital marketing experience using SEO, AdWords, and WordPress. I am certified in Google Analytics.

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seo copywriting - Google

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