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14 Years of Digital Marketing Experience With Search Engine Optimization & PPC

My name is Robert Stein and I provide SEO Freelance Services, Certified Google AdWords Consulting, WordPress management, and a variety of digital marketing services.

Highly skilled SEO Specialist with over 14 years of digital marketing industry experience developing SEO campaigns, managing & optimizing Google AdWords accounts, performing SEO audits, and researching keywords & competitors.

Certified in Google Analytics. Experienced Google Search Console user. Google AdWords certified with 14 years experience with the setup, management, and optimization of AdWords.

Excellent Google organic SEO skills. Local SEO, Google top 3 map pack, Google My Business & Google Maps expert.

Use professional SEO tools: Moz, SEMrush, Ahref, SpyFu, SERanking, Screaming Frog Spider, BuzzSumo, kwFinder, and many other helpful web service.

2019 is the year of Local SEO, mobile-first indexing, and web site speed algorithm changes. If your website scores low Google PageSpeed scores you will be penalized. Google has created many opportunities for local business to take advantage of mobile searchers within the proximity of their stores.

Local SEO Services

Submitting your NAP (Name, Address & Phone) to local SEO  and niche citation directories and optimizing your Google My Business page you increase your odds of ranking in Google’s “top 3 map pack.”

Google sees more searched coming via mobile phones than from PCs or tablets. 60% of Google search queries come from a phone so your websites must be responsive and mobile-friendly.

I consult with businesses to create long-term organic SEO strategies and have managed many about 60 unique  AdWords accounts.

SEM Achievements

Google AdWords Certified
Google Analytics Certified
• Google Search Console Expert
• Keyword and Competitor Research
Local SEO, Google My Business, and Google Maps Optimizations
SEMrush is my #1 SEM tool
• On-Page SEO Specialist
• WordPress
• SEO Audits

I change $50/hour. You pay as you go and may cancel at any time. I work on 10-hour retainers and not year-long contracts.

Email or phone me at 860.659.7135 for more information regarding my consulting services.

WordPress Speed Tips To Make Faster & Better SEO [Infographics]

WordPress SEO Infographics

WordPress SEO Infographics


Website Speed Is Now A Part Of Google’s Core Algorithm


A Strong SEO Ranking Factor


  • In July 2018, after months of alerting webmasters, Google rolled out a “Speed Update” to its core algorithm.
  • Google doesn’t give you credit for a fast WordPress site but punishes slower sites in its rankings.
  • It makes sense. Today’s mobile users dislike slow websites and are likely to “bounce” back to if a website doesn’t finish loading on a mobile phone within 3 – 4 seconds (even though the industry average is around 7 seconds).
  • A fast bounce back alerts Google that the website either did not answer the user search query or there may be a technical reason the user returned to Google so quickly.
  • Google gives points to sites where a user “dwells” (or spends an above average time on).  It is one sign that the user has found the answer to their search or may ever have discovered additional, relevant, and useful information they hadn’t thought of.
  • Google does not use your Google Analytics data but has their own internal analytics for their site.
  • A fast WordPress website is great for user experience, especially mobile phone users who now make up 65% Google’s searchers. Luckily, there are many free and premium plug-ins to make a WordPress site faster and improve SEO.
  • You can test the Google Page Speed Score by visiting a site such as GTMetrix with has all the features you need at no cost.
  • If you run the short test and find out your WordPress site has below average speed, I have years of professional experience improving site speed and SEO.


I charge $50/hour for SEO or Google AdWords services.

I work on 10-hour retainers.

No agency-style long-term locked-in contracts. You may cancel. Phone or email me.


WordPress SEO & Speed-Ups

WordPress SEO


On Page SEO

SEO Marketing

2019 Google SEO Tips, Tricks & Secret Sauce For High Rankings

Connecticut SEO Company

The 2019 Google SEO Gold Rush

Local SEO Tremendous Ranking Opportunity For Small Business


Local SEO is HOT!! 46% of Google’s searches are locally influenced keywords. In 2019 SEO continues to be a popular and low-cost way to rank high in Google because of the search giant’s “Top 3 Map Pack.”

Before I forget. 

Google Ads Certified in Fundamentals, Search, Mobile, Video, Display, and Shopping. Google Analytics Certified. Google My Business Certified.

14 years of digital marketing, SEO, PPC, and WordPress experience.

Expert knowledge of on-site SEO, off-site SEO, technical SEO, local SEO, technical site audits, META data, SCHEMA markup, keyword research, competitor research, Analytics, Search Console, content creation, social media, and WordPress speed optimization.

Use SEM pro tools such as SEMrush, Moz, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, Majestic, Screaming Frog Spider, Google Keyword Planner, Whitespark, BrightEdge, Buzzsumo, Yoast, SpyFu, KWFinder, and PPC tools I charge $50/hour and work on 10-hour retainers. I do not like or use agency long-term, locked-in contracts charging outrageous prices with no way out. After the initial 20 hours you may pause the SEO strategy and start it up again and you wish. SEO is a long-term investment. It could take Google 2-4 months to reflect SEO improvements. Local SEO is a little quicker to rank because it is relatively new and not everyone knows how to do it. 

The “Google Top 3 Local SEO Map Pack” is a digital marketing B-12 shot in the arm for small businesses. There is still a large percentage of businesses who have yet use Google My Business, Local SEO, Google Maps, Geo-targeted keywords, customer reviews, and citation directory links to rank higher in Google than the organic listing.

Learn the benefits, techniques, and optimizations of technical and local SEO services and how to rank higher in the below infographics.

I’m a Local SEO expert with the knowledge, insight, and real-world experience ranking small businesses in the Map Pack. If interested in any of my services please contact me. No long-term, locked-in agency-style contracts. Pay as go. I require a twenty-hour retainer and after that, it is your choice to continue.