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SEO freelance consultant in Connecticut who is affordable.

  1. Why? You are less likely to get scammed if you work with a local consultant than if you work with someone across the country or around the world. There are real horror stories about businesses unable to log into their own website because they are unable to get in touch with a foreign business and have no recourse.
  2. local SEO in Connecticut knows more about the region, its cities, town, counties and local directories that focus on Connecticut.
  3. You’ll get priority and hands-on attention working with an SEO in Connecticut compared to agencies with hundreds of clients working out of NYC, Boston, LA, and other cities.
  4. If you need a meeting with your SEO provider, it is much easier to arrange a meeting and travel within the state than to a corporate office in NYC.
  5. Working with a local SEO Connecticut pro, you will put a name to a face.
  6. Working with a local consultant will help you build a much better build a relationship than working for any agency.
  7. Connecticut SEO consultants are much cheaper than using an agency in-state our out-of-state.
  8. A local CT SEO specialist can provide answers to you when you need them. Do you want to hire an agency 3 time zones away?
  9. local SEO wants to perform excellent SEO but also wants to guide you along the way and educate you in SEO basics or advanced tactics so you know he or she is a knowledgeable expert in the field and gives you the confidence that you are spending your money wisely.
  10. Before you sign a contract with an SEO expert do research by reading reviews and testimonials, asking questions, seeing how well they rank with their own websites, ask the cos,t and decide what you need before signing any long-term contracts with an agency whose salespeople have quotas and will not be the ones performing SEO for you.
  11. A local certified Google AdWords Manager is much less likely to lock you into a long-term contract and charge 25-30% of your ad spend as their fee. Especially if they let AdWords run with no management or optimization. When an agency asks a percentage of your spend as compensation there is no incentive to make AdWords more efficient for you.
  12. Ask an SEO provider, what SEO news sources they read, what SEO tools do they use, and how they can help your business’ website prosper on-site as well as off-site.

Google SEO Proposal 2018 – Connecticut SEO Company

Connecticut SEO Freelance Consultant

SEO Proposal Sample

Robert Stein, CEO

Connecticut SEO Experts

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SEO Proposal Template


  • I customize this sample template after discussing my SEO services with a potential client. It is not a complete proposal.
  • My proposal is written in plain simple English.
  • No fine print. No add-ons. 


1st Step In Creating SEO Proposal

Conduct a technical SEO audit and find critical and/or non-critical errors.

I’ve conducted audits to find the following errors needed immediate attention:

  • 180 META Titles with only a single keyword and nothing else.
  • 150 pages missing an HTML <H1> tag.
  • Very slow site speed. Google PageSpeed score of 50/100.
  • Zero compressed images.


SEO Strategy For 2018

Discuss with the client creating SEO goals and discover any previous SEO efforts.

High priority is to improve rank of valuable keywords. Begin researching keywords and weighing volume versus value. Then I target long-tail and competitor keywords. Additionally, focus on keywords ranked the 2nd page of Google and get them to page 1. 

Partial List Of SEO Tasks And Plan

  • Run A Website Speed Test. Fix Speed Issues.
  • Research Long-Tail Keywords, Local Keywords, And Competitor Keywords. Discover additional keywords tracked in Google Search Console.
  • Use SEO Tools To Track The Ranks Of Keywords.
  • Use Yoast SEO To Optimize Meta Data.
  • Create Local SEO Optimization Plan Using Google My Business And Google Maps.
  • Add HTML Headers (H1, H2,).
  • Add the SCHEMA Code.
  • Submit Sitemap To Google.
  • Data-Mine Google Analytics and Google Search Console.


Affordable SEO In Connecticut

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About Connecticut SEO Experts

Connecticut SEO Company

About Connecticut SEO Experts – Google AdWords Certified

SEO & Google AdWords Certified Consultant Services With 14 Years Of Digital Marketing

Robert Stein
Connecticut SEO Experts

+1 (860) 659-7135


Digital Marketing Specialist with over 14 years of experience developing strategic SEO campaigns, managing Google As accounts, conducting technical SEO audits, resolving SEO errors.

I am Google Certified in Ads Fundamental, Search, Mobile, Display, Video, Shopping. Google My Business, and Google Analytics.

Perform in-depth keyword and competitor research, utilizing Google Analytics & Google Search Console for insight, performing WordPress site speed-ups, mobile optimizations, and implementing Local SEO.

I have excellent SEO ranking skills and have 14 years of experience with Google AdWords account setups and management. I have a proven record of success as a digital marketing consultant plus

I am capable of managing a number of digital marketing assignments at the same time. Experienced using SimilarWeb SEMrush, Keyword Planner, SpyFu, BuzzSumo, SEranking.com, and other SEO tools. I enthusiastically follow industry and for the latest information and optimizations.

Digital Marketing Skills

  • Perform SEO and Local SEO
  • Manage and optimize Google AdWords accounts
  • Utilize Google Analytics data
  • Keyword & competitor research
  • Analyzing technical SEO audits and fixing errors
  • Manage content marketing campaigns
  • Optimize WordPress for site-speed