7 SEO Books By The Search Engine Marketing Pros

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Fast SEO Techniques Used For New Clients To Catch Low-Hanging SEO

Connecticut AdWords Manager
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SEO Tips For "Easy Wins" To Quickly Improve Google Rank

Google Ads & Analytics Certified Consultant Connecticut

  • Perform a technical SEO audit. Fix warnings and errors that may be leaking SEO-leaking.
  • Research & analyze competitor keywords. Place keywords throughout your content and bold, italicize and as anchor text.
  • Add keywords to META titles and descriptions, HTML headers, URLs, internal links, and content. Update content to have at least 1,000 characters. Satisfy the user’s query fully, increase user dwell time.
  • Add internal links, external links, short URLs with keywords made up of LSI, Synonyms, long-tail keywords, and geo-targeted keywords. Keep adding new content to already created pages and posts. Google loves long fresh and updated content.
  • Investigate Google Analytics and Google Search Console’s keyword, page, user location, impressions, clicks, and average position on Google to create content based upon keywords that can be moved onto the first page or better.
  • Run website speed reports using GTMetrix or Pingdom. If out Google Page Speed Score is low GTMetrix will explain the fixes you need to score higher and deliver your pages faster. You should install a caching system such as WP-Rocket to serve cached copies of your pages to visitors. WP-Rocket also includes minification of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
  • Target current pages and keywords that rank at positions 8-15 in Google. If the average monthly search volume and cost per click make those keywords valuable, update and add to your content. Create internal anchor text links to the page and they'll be to rank higher.
  • Content should be written at for a moderate 6th-8th-grade reading level with screenshots, graphics, videos, and photos. 1000-1800 words.
  • Use an XML sitemap and submit to Google.
  • Add Google-recommended SCHEMA & JSON-LD mark-up code used to better classify your content and enable Google to understand and rank your content better.
  • Create incoming links using various methods including adding a client's site to local citation directories to assist local SEO. Optimizing the client's Google My Business page is also a necessity. 
  • For SEO & Certified Google Ads Consulting I charge $50/hour With An Initial 20-Hour Retainer. I do not use "agency style" long-term or locked-in contracts. You may pause the project and restart at any time.

Contact Bob at 860.659.7135 or email bob@connecticutseoexperts.com.

16 Local SEO Tips: Google Local SEO Connecticut

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16 Local SEO Infographics For Small Business Owners CT

Local SEO Ranking Tips

Google SEO Ranking Tips and Best Practices To Reach Google's Top 3 Local Map Pack


There is an enormous amount of Local SEO data in Moz's 2018 Local Search Ranking Factors Survey (here: [pdf-embedder url="https://connecticutseoexperts.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Moz-Local-Search-Ranking-Factors-Study-2018-Local-SEO-_-Moz-Copy.pdf" title="Moz - Local Search Ranking Factors Study 2018 - Local SEO _ Moz - Copy"] [pdf-embedder url="https://connecticutseoexperts.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/2018-SEJ-Complete-SEO-Guide.pdf"] [pdf-embedder url="https://connecticutseoexperts.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/2018-SEMRUSH-ULTIMATE-SITE-AUDIT.pdf" title="2018 SEMRUSH ULTIMATE SITE AUDIT"] [pdf-embedder url="https://connecticutseoexperts.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/2018-Outrank-in-difficult-SEO-markets.pdf" title="2018 Outrank in difficult SEO markets"] [pdf-embedder url="https://connecticutseoexperts.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/2018-Local-SEO.pdf" title="2018 Local-SEO"] [pdf-embedder url="https://connecticutseoexperts.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/2018-LIST-OF-PPC-TOOLS.pdf" title="2018 LIST OF PPC TOOLS"] [pdf-embedder url="https://connecticutseoexperts.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/2018-Free-SEO-Tools.pdf" title="2018 Free SEO Tools"] [pdf-embedder url="https://connecticutseoexperts.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/2018-25-Best-Competitor-Analysis-Tools-For-Winning-at-SEO-in-2018.pdf" title="2018 25 Best Competitor Analysis Tools For Winning at SEO in 2018"] [pdf-embedder url="https://connecticutseoexperts.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/2018-1st-Page-of-Google.pdf" title="2018 1st Page of Google"] [pdf-embedder url="https://connecticutseoexperts.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/2018-SEO_Tips_Complete_List_Backlinko.pdf" title="2018 SEO_Tips_Complete_List_Backlinko"]where the top SEO experts give their opinion of what works and what doesn't work for Local SEO rankings in 2018.  27 Free Local SEO ebooks.



Google SEO Success Infographics Local SEO Rankings


Local seo information

Contact me by phone at (860) 659-7135 or email bob@connecticutseoexperts.com for additional information.

I offer my consulting services at $50/hour with a 20-hour minimum retainer.

You may cancel at any time. No long-term contract.


Local SEO Services | Google AdWords & Analytics Certified Consultant

connecticut local seo service
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Google Ads & Analytics Certified SEO Services In Connecticut

In 2019, local SEO has become a major opportunity for small businesses to be prominent on Google. Google has implemented "Top 3 Map Pack” shown on the 1st page of Google’s results that showcase local businesses.

These top 3 organic spots are where every local business wants to be.  The top 3 map pack get more clicks, phone calls, website clicks, and customers than the organic rankings.

Many searchers use their phone and never get past the first page of Google. Many local searchers find the answers they need inside of Google's top 3 local SEO map pack box. A searcher sees reviews, a phone number, a web site link, and Google Map links.

Why aren't you inside that box? You probably do not have an expert local SEO service provider. There are certain methods to get your business ranked high and appear in the map pack.

Local SEO Service Packages

To get ranked on Google maps and at the top of page one for your service locally, you will need a local SEO service expert provider.  A skilled professional local SEO expert will get results.  With better rankings, you get more phone calls, clicks, exposure, and income. Isn't that really what this is all about?

It is not a quick and easy fix.  It is a long-term investment to increase your rankings, your Google search visibility, and get more customers to your location,

Local SEO: A Digital Marketing Solution For Small Business

If you buy ads using Google AdWords or Facebook to get leads, you know how expensive it can get.  If you quit the leads stop coming in. With local SEO services, there is less cost and more potential ROI.

Local SEO Specialist For Small Businesses

I am a local SEO expert. I use all my expertise to place your a website into Google's top 3 local SEO map pack.  Local, organic, and leads within the proximity of your location is an extremely hot leads. A searcher using their phone are looking for a product or service immediately. These searchers have already decided to make a purchase. Imagine them searching Google for a product you sell will see you ranked high in the local SEO map pack with reviews, your phone number, a link to your website or they can click to call to you call.

Very few people reach for a phone book these days. There are generations that don't even know what a phone book is. So, what has taken over those pages?  Google. People look everything up from recipes, restaurants, to whom to call for a reliable plumber.

My goal as a local SEO specialist is to help you rank high for in Google for the best and most searched keywords.  I am dedicated to find low-cost solutions, get you more leads, and generate a lasting revenue stream.

Google Certifications

  • Google Ads Fundamentals Certified
  • Google Ads Search Certified
  • Google Ads Mobile Certified
  • Google Ads Video Certified
  • Google Ads Display Certified
  • Google Ads Shopping Certified
  • Google Analytics Certified
  • Google My Business Certified

My fee as a freelance consultant is $50/hour with a ten-hour minimum. There is no long-term or locked-in agency-style contract. You may cancel at any time.

Feel free to reach out to me to see if I am a good fit for your Internet marketing goals.

Robert Stein
Digital Marketing Strategist
Glastonbury, CT 06033